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This area is rated in the top 10 of areas in live in Arkansas for low crime.
Having moved here from the Northeast, I was unsure what to expect, but I now can say that any worries were unfounded. The people are great, and there is much do do in many directions just within 20 +/- miles. I think what this area has hidden so well from the rest of the country is its outdoor areas. One could explore every weekend for years and never see all the beauty there is to see. The cost of living is much lower than what I have experienced in other parts of the country, and I see positive growth continuing.
We mainly have fast food restaurants in town right now so variety is a little bit lacking, but we do have some better result rants like a pizza place that hand makes their pizza and bakes it in a stone oven, so it's pretty even here.
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We are a super friendly community that is always looking out for each other, if someone is going through a tough time everyone pitches in to help, whether it's helping watch the kids for a bit so the parents can rest or helping people move, there is always an excess of help from the community.
We have a lot of small, family run business's in our town along with, of course, the bigger chain stores like walmart; so we have a good variety of shops ranging from a bike rental and repair shop to Harps, which means that it is also fairly easy to get everything you need without leaving town.
We have quite a few rivers really close by that are kept clean and are great for rafting and swimming; there are also several different parks available in our town each with its own unique and fun thing to do; and there are a lot of beautiful woods/forests that have well kept trails that are great for hiking.
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