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I feel safe in my area. Police officers are easily visible throughout the town and I have never had a sense of fear.
Friendly area, lots of activities for people to participate in such as parks, soccer fields, and a water park.
Yeah, it's a small town without a lot to offer, but it's a great place to live between big towns and local attractions. Definitely for people who want to get away from the hubub and apartment complexes of town and city living. It's the kind of place you can make you own fun, get away, and grown your own garden in.
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Mainly just things the locals put together and not very often at that. It's a town of largely retirees. There's an annual car show and crafts fair in the park. There's a music night at the volunteer fire department. A candy store. And a gas station grill. Beaver lake is a big attraction here. Other than that, not much.
We do get Thunderstorms with chances for hail and tornadoes - it is tornado alley, after all. But, being on the declining side of the Ozark Plateau, flooding isn't a real issue as runoff always has somewhere to go. Hail will come once or twice a year. And though we do get tornado watches on occasion, an actual tornado hasn't touched down in the area for as long as I can remember.
There's one restaurant out by the lake nearly half an hour away from the heart of town. I've heard good things about its food, but not its management. There's the Short Stop Grill - a great little business famous for its ice cream and food options. During the summer, they can have as many as a dozen orders in the queue. And then there's Martin Greer's Candies - a famous tourist stop for old fashioned candies. Other than that, pretty much nothing.
Again, small town for retirees and commuters. So employment opportunities are very low. Largely just working at a couple mom/pop places, and even then just for the younger crowd to save money for going away to college or the like. Though, with the intended changes for the town from recent pushes in legislation, opportunities could very well expand in the next 5-10 years. Till then, most try to find work in the next town.
Garfield's a very small town in Northwest Arkansas. It's largely utilized as a pitstop for people traveling to one of the larger towns on either side. As such, there are only a few businesses or places to work there. Most people there are retirees or commuters. There's a Dollar General, one or two restaurants closer toward the lake, a local candy store, and the Short Stop Grill in the gas station. I guess someone could technically live off of stores just there, but fresh fruits or vegetables require going to the next town. Most people there commute at least once a week for groceries. That being said, the Short Stop Grill and Martin Greer's Candies have awesome stuff and are definitely focal points for the tourism that comes through.
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