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Youth Connection Charter School Reviews

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I like that you are given a chance to correct your mistakes. They offer you another chance to complete school on time and have flexible schedules for if you are working.
This school is my everything!! I’m so sad I’m leaving but I’m also excited at the same time. Nothing would be possible without them
my time spent inside the YCCS system , i have learned to embrace my education and i have been taught to move forward with good intentions for not only myself but my family as well.
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My experience at an youth connection charter school has been amazing. I've got the opportunity to earn credits that I missed. I feel as if I was giving the chance to redo what I didn't accomplish. What I liked about the school was that if offered more skills & a quicker way to learn. It gave you an option between being on a computer or in a class room. Youth Connection Charter Schools (YCLA) brought children together. I liked how the teacher's were eager to teach & even learn from students. The teachers at YCLA made learning fun. The only thing I want to change about the school is the food & the no bringing outside food in the lunch room policy. Also, we need more sports & activities. Other than that Im enjoying my experience there.
Security was a very big thing at this school and I always felt safe.
Administrative support was always great.
My overall experience with this school was great. It is different from any other schools I have attended. You get a lot of one on one time with teachers and staff, you get to learn and do things at your own pace and you get to interact with different individuals/students.
I loved all of my teachers,they always engaged with us students and were always thoughtful and caring. I have never met such an amazing staff.
They allow kids to stay out of trouble.
they relate to your real life situation.
Class are freshman level classes. Not a very big challenge. They are made to be easily passed
Not very good quality. Not a good selection
Most students are very accepting, however some are racist
Need a clinic for students
I never really ate anything but yogurt
My overall experience at this school was awesome, my teachers and school staff were very supporting and helpful. Everything is also done online which is convenient for those who work, you can always finish up were u left off at home. They provide you with a laptop if you come to school the 1st 30 days starting the 1st day of school with no absences. They provided us with bus fair, had parties for us when we had good grades, rewarded us with student of the month certificates along with a gift, the list can go on. What makes this school unique is that everything is done online, classes are no more than 3 hours long, you get the help that you need, and the teachers push you hard enough in order for you to succeed what more can a student ask for? i would choose to go to this school again because its a great school.
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