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The Young Women's Leadership School of Astoria provides its students with many helpful resources, along with a variety of different extracurricular activities. There are always many things to look forward to when learning. During middle school, I was a very shy person. However, continuing my education in this school helped me grow as more outgoing person. The teachers in this school are always caring and make sure you have the availability to whatever it is you need. Their optimistic feelings towards their students really help encourage them to work hard and try to achieve their goals. Because every teacher has a unique style of teaching their students, it is very easy to understand the new materials that is being taught in the classroom. It is really easy to make new connections and friends. The school in general, is a very safe and enjoyable environment to be in. This school has taught me many things and is something I will never forget.
First off, this school has grown to be very diverse as it values the importance of every culture, which encourages students to take pride in their culture. This school does its best to prepare you for college, making you more aware of the rigorous college process even if you are a middle schooler. Most teachers have been understanding and helpful whenever I need guidance or reassurance when I am struggling in my academics or even in my personal life. However, there is a very small handful of teachers who need to be a bit understanding and be more professional when speaking to a student. My concern with this school is that admin seems to care more about maintaining a good reputation without being quick to hear and help resolve the issues students are currently facing on the daily whether it is with a teacher or a student.
I enjoyed my time at The Young Women's Leadership School of Astoria. I was a student here since 6th grade, and they place a heavy value on community and sisterhood. I created friendships I will never forget, and since day one have been preparing for college. I only wish administration was more understanding to students' situations instead of having a "one solution fits all" approach. They need to start listening to the students' wants and needs, as opposed to remaining, worried about their reputation. However, I do love the Young Women's Leadership School of Astoria's technology passion. Every student get her own laptop and we have multiple coding classes.
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I have been in this school since 6th grade and I have gone through multiple changes in administration. But I will say that despite that the school has stayed close to its traditions and roots. They focus on empowering young women to become the leaders of tomorrow. They offer many opportunities in STEAM fields and they are very proud of how much diversity they have. Not to mention that the teachers are so caring and lovely to work with. They all genuinely care about the students and will do their best to help us in any way. Sure you might get sick of it after the 4th year but I have heard from multiple students who had transferred out of here that there is no place like this school.
The Young Women's Leadership School of Astoria is a very diverse school. You meet people from so many different walks of life. The teachers are very nice and helpful. They are always helping out students with academics and personal life, and they only just want the best for you.
Very loving and comfortable!! Helps young women to feel powerful! Teaches young women that men aren’t the only ones who can be successful. Empowers women to do great things in the community!
I love the fact that TYWLS pushes women to be excellent. They allow us to think and learn to the best of our abilities. TYWLS helps you grow as a person. However, the people in the school are the issue. The administration and faculty often have issues with students. The students as well are hard to deal with. Overall, the TYWLS experience is something to remember. Even though its hard it prepares you for the real world.
I have been studying in this school for one and a half year. The teachers are very nice and patient with students. There are some clubs open for student, such as table tennis, softball, volleyball, softball, Asian culture club and so on. I hope there are more clubs can open for students. However, this school does not provide a lot of AP courses, especially lack of science AP courses. Students have no chance to take science AP courses in high school.
Allows readiness for College
College Networking is very important here
Able to meet a multitude of high-achieving and successful women
I have been in the Young Women's Leadership School of Astoria for over seven years. I would like to say that the Middle School is much better and I would definitely recommend as it laid an essential foundation for these "awkward" three years that many students struggle in finding themselves. In contrast, the high school should entirely be steered away. The school is also guilty for clear favoritism: the few opportunities the school provides is always the same small percentage of students while the other students are left to struggle. This school portrays themselves to be "good" on the outside, but underneath the school has evident issues that affect the students that the school tries to cover up. Some include that teachers have clear bias towards students that they have common personal interests with(such as music) and the school has one of the lowest averages SAT scores. Also, over 15 teachers over the past 3 years have left.
There are so many resources available here. Everyone is here to help YOU and help make your future a success. No matter what you're going through you can find a faculty member at this school to help you through it.
The Young Women's Leadership school is such a diverse and student involved school. It really helped me be prepared academically and emotionally. They could however make some things a bit challenging to stimulate what we might face academically in the future.
Classes aren't very challenging - there really is no need to think. It is very easy to plass the class.

There isn't a variety of classes. It has the core classes, and maybe one art class and one music class. That's it.

It is also very difficult to speak to someone about your schedule. If you want to sit down and chat about what classes would be best for you to take, or if you just want to transfer out of a class because you already took it last semester - the person who does this is often out of reach, and when you find her, she is closed off, blunt and abrupt, rude, and off-putting. She is unlikable, and likes to complain about how much work she has to do, and that we shouldn't complain so much.

The teachers like to pretend they don't know about any problems you may have, and they see themselves as higher beings. They preach openness and invite you to go to them if you need something, but if you take them up on their offer, the clam up, and are not helpful, in the academic or personal sense.
We have a security guard at the front entrance of the school - she is generally rude, unlikable, with an all-around mean disposition. She has been effective at stopping fights that break out amongst students.

Bullying has been pretty bad at school, cyber-bullying prevalent. Not much has been done in this retrospect.

The school nurse is absent most of the time, and is generally difficult to reach. She is also unresponsive - if she is on break and you need her help, you have to wait until she is no longer on break.

We have had the sex talk, and there are posters around the school detailing where you can get condoms from, but that's about it in the intercourse department.
The school does not have enough funds to maintain a variety of after school or extracurricular activities or clubs. There used to be violin choir, art club, mouse squad, student government, yoga, MSA, book clubs, extra help (tutoring), etc. But they were all shut down and taken out. Administration isn't really supportive either. The head of administration has been changing for the last few years, and with every change, the school's condition becomes worse.

However, luckily thatnks to our P.E teacher, our school has maintained sports teams. So all is not lost.
The academics at this school is really great. There are the core classes and the goal is to have all high school students graduate with a advanced regents diploma. Teachers are very caring when it comes to students passing their classes and the exams. The schedule goes smoothly as students transition from one class to another. The workload is fair. There were times where I felt that I had too much work due at the same time but normally all the work is manageable.
Our school is pretty safe. There is never a school where they are completely safe. We have safety procedures incase of a fire or an attack. There is always security guards at the desk. We have surveillance cameras inside and outside the school building which are always being monitored by the safety staff. There isn't much bullying in our school or threats caused by other girls. The school nurse is available whenever she is needed. Our school has a health class and the counselors and the nurse is always available incase students have certain questions to ask.
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I wish our school had more clubs. The girls have so much potential so if there were ever a new sport introduced the girls will make sure to try their best and make it the top.
I have been exposed to vast pool of oppurtunites through my school. I was honored to meet Malala Yousafzai twice and later First Lady Michelle Obama.
All the teachers are very approachable. If you need help and one is not avaible another is equally willing to help. The teachers provide outside resources to help broaden the horizons of the students and expand their knowledge on the current topic.
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