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Young Men's Preparatory Academy Reviews

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Even though its an all boys school, do not let the name fool you! This school is amazing! Yes, there’s no girls, but this school really does get you ready for college. Teachers are very friendly and helpful. They will teach you until you fully understand the lesson. The school is very small with about 215 students in total. So that means you get to meet close friends and really get to know them. It was a fun 4 years being at this school! LIONS ROAR!
YMPA is definitely a school I would want my son to go to. The electives that the schools offer you are very beneficial. They also have clubs such as the Interact Club, Chess Club, Green Club, National Honor Society. Overall this school is amazing.
I have attended Young Men's for almost 2 years and this school is in need of help, the administration is poor and weak and needs a revamp. The school is dirty and the food is poor and leaves students sick and they rather not eat it.
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Navy blazers, maroon ties, and sapphire button down shirts. Not what many have come to expect when describing a typical high school student. However, Young Men’s Preparatory Academy is not your typical school. Young Men’s is an all-male institution, this unique school is the only one of its kind in all of Miami-Dade County. Just as our mascot the mighty Lion we won’t back from any challenge. Our school has made tremendous progress throughout the years. Our school has maintained a 100 percent graduation rate for the past 2 years. Lastly, Young Men’s Preparatory encourages Scholarship, Leadership, Integrity, and Character. During my years here I've been inspired to strive to be a scholars, develop into a future leader, and finally it has encouraged me to mature and show character daily. Clearly, Young Men’s Preparatory Academy is not just a school – it’s the future.
Although some of the negative reviews provided would have been considered true in prior years, this school has really earned its title of: academy. Just as when a student transfers schools, Young Men's Prep had its ups and downs, making mistakes, and to make mistakes is human. Young Men's Prep has learned from its mistakes, hence, making it a more suitable learning environment, not only for the students but for the parents as well. With the addition of new staff and faculty members, such as the lead teacher and activities director, Ms. Orta, this school has become one of the most dedicated, prestigious sixth through twelfth institutions I have ever had the pleasure of attending. When I am grown, I will look back at my time attending Young Men's Prep, fondly remembering how I was shaped into the leader I am today.
The academics are nicer than some other schools. The curriculum is easy to follow and it's concise depending on what type of teacher you have.
There's a few extracurricular programs that you can be a part of. unfortunately not many students actually take them seriously even though most of them are great opportunities.
There's freedom in this school. It has a small competition so you can easily rise to the top. At this school you can stand out easily above the competition and reap the benefits of being an honor roll student or being in many clubs in high position.
Some teachers go beyond expectations and help the students reach their full learning potential. While other teachers are too meek or narrow-minded to be of any use to the curriculum.
its a great school that really helps you with college applications and scholarships. They take us to college fairs, visits and sometimes the spokesmen of the colleges come to our school. Also environment in the school is settle
There are no sports teams here so students get involved with their local city's high school team but the fitness program is okay here.
The teachers are invested in giving the best understanding to their students and go the extra mile to make sure concepts are grasped and it's not just preparing you to take a test (FCAT)
The killer at this school is that it doesn't offer any sports as an extracurricular but the clubs that are offered are student lead and based on the ambition of the students depends how far the club will actually go.
I was really prepared for college under the tutelage of my teachers at young men's preparatory academy. They've gave me the skills to be able to network myself to future employers and be able to handle the rigor of college classes.
The extracurricular activities the school offers are not bad. They are great and are run by great instructors, but the only thing is that they don't offer any sports.
This was a historic elementary school that had been unoccupied for some time. When Young Men's opened, it was only half of the building as the rest was still under construction and that was in 2008. They have promethian boards and projectors in all the rooms along with wi-fi throughout the school. The first two years, students were issued laptops to help them complete online and homework assignments. We have the cleanest bathrooms and cafeteria of any school I have ever attended or visited.
The school is strict in trying to have every one adhere to the rules and it is a healthy environment but the staff and administrators have a hard time keeping up with this.
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