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The school is very great. The campus is beautiful and the teachers are focused on making sure that you pass! I would like for there to be more diversity and maybe a small improvement in the food quality.
My experience was extremely good at Yorktown high school. The past 4 years have flown by in such ana amazing way.
Academically, an amazing school. However, My friend has been getting bullied for a almost two years. She eventually dropped out of this school and took online classes due to the lack of punishment and care for the bullying going on. If you want to be safe, or if you want your kids to be safe and happy, I’d recommend to not come here.
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Academically, there are a plethora of challenging classes for students to take, and it is very easy to register for these classes. The majority of the teachers are both kind and intelligent, and can teach their courses at a very high level. They are also quite understanding and receptive when students need extra help or they need to make up work. There are various clubs and sports for people to participate in, and there's a high emphasis on extracurriculars in the school community. As a whole, I feel it has prepared me very well for college.
Yorktown High school is the perfect school. Moving from Yonkers to Yorktown was eyeopening. The resources are excellent and the availability of staff to help or support students is remarkable.
Yorktown High School is a great place to be. The staff and students are very welcoming and friendly, and no one feels out of place.
The campus was quite dull. They used most of the money for irrelevant things such as bean bags in the library which they ended up removing only a few months later (btw we still need air conditioners). There was a garden which had withering flowers and a gigantic clock tower that the school enclosed and it was an eyesore. Parking is horrible. But despite all of that, YHS has some of the best teachers you will ever find. Now by best I definitely mean personality wise--um teaching is so so. They hired some thirty year old guy that reuses powerpoint presentations from the very first time he ever started teaching. Yeah... you can already tell he's not that good of a teacher. But because of how approachable many of the teachers where, I have many memorable experiences with them and they definitely will help you because they will never leave their students behind.
My experience here is going great. All the teachers are open to the students and are able to provide help because they have that connection. The faculty is amazing and are very kind. This school is very safe and secure and I have no worries going to school here. The food is great, especially since it's coming from school.
YHS has wonderful academic opportunities. Many of the teachers are absolutely fantastic, however, the student body can make it a difficult place to find where you fit in. There are so many different cliques that making new friends can be extremely difficult. Overall, though, the school provides great academic and athletic opportunities.
I absolutely love all of the staff at Yorktown High School as they strive to help all students achieve their goals and dreams so they can be successful after High School. They truly care about all of their students here at Yorktown High School and they stay after school every day to help their students. The only thing I want to see change is bullying prevention. I don't see students get bullied as much anymore but when I do see it, I think to myself that this should not be going on still. Students need to be reminded about random acts of kindness.
What I liked the most about YHS are the teachers and the vast amount of electives there are to chose from. One thing that has been a problem for several years is the lack of student parking spots.
While attending Yorktown high school I was very involved with sports. I had a lot of fun with lacrosse and track and field. I enjoyed the library and the faculty that worked there. The environment was nice and easy access to books. The history department were so nice and truly made the subject fun and easy to learn.
Yorktown High School was a great experience for me. I had lots of great teachers and met many great people there. There was always something going on that kept people busy and just not sick of school. Some of the administrators weren't that great and they definitely could have handled some situations better that occurred during my time there.
Yorktown High School is close to the center of the town of Yorktown. It is very safe, over the years new rules have been put in place. Students are watched closely, but at the same time given freedom. Sports teams are excellent, and often win, or almost win, section titles. Teachers overall are good, except a few who are known to be awful. Clean, decent food, many options in the cafeteria. Friendly administration. Not very diverse, but Westchester isn't in general. Nearly all students go to college after YHS, not going is considered odd. There are many resources during your junior and senior year to help with the college process. Lots of clubs and opportunities for everyone in sports, music, etc.
I loved seeing friends everyday and the lessons that were learned I will carry with me for my entire life. The school was full of spirit which made every sporting event a blast!
The teachers were overall pretty good. I must say that my teachers got progressively better each year.
Great teachers, great academics, and a great educational experience. One extreme flaw is the lack of freedom students have. We were not allowed to leave campus or walk in the hallways 5 minutes after the period begins. Want to go to the library after eating lunch? You're not allowed to.
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Yorktown High School has offered me a wonderful education experience with plenty of opportunities to excell. It is a vert welcoming and engagging environment witha principal and guidance counselors that have nothing but smiles on their faces.
As a student attending YHS, I can confidently say that I am proud to be a husker. YHS is where I've built lifelong memories and friends, all while maintain an "A" average (which will look great to colleges). We have top tier sports programs, especially in Lacrosse (even if I am not athletic), uplifting our school spirit. Our science research program (which I have been so lucky to be a part of) dominates in county/local competition and has enabled many bright young minds to present research on the international level. Yes there will be exceptions, but in general the teachers are great. I feel as though I am treated as an adult (and friend) by many of the teachers. The student body is very friendly and clearly mature. I can only say the same things about the remaining staff and administration. Overall, I love YHS and couldn't imagine my life in any other school district!
YHS is a good school with solid academics. Teachers are a hit or miss but for advanced courses they are good and prepare you for exams/APs. Many people participate in sports as football and lacrosse are the most prominent teams. Nonetheless, there are many other sports and clubs to get involved.
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