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Supports independence and individuality. It’s not just academics. York strives and succeeds in nurturing a well rounded, very articulate mature student. We moved to the area for York.
Student teacher ratio is great. Teachers mostly really, care. Campus is small and beautiful. Parents are involved and so are the teachers
you come to this school for the academics. That being said, the course load is as hard as you make it to be. The school is not only good in the humanities and STEM, but there is quite a lot of focus on the arts as well. Sports are there, but not a huge part of the school. Teachers are always willing to stop what they're doing and help students. We even have devoted periods during the day called "tutorials" where students can go to teachers with questions.
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Teachers show definite favoritism but are otherwise great teachers. Location is great. Everything else about this school is average.
This is my first year here and I love the academics, the social activities, the clubs and theater programs. Coming to a small high school, I was concerned about not having enough to do, but I have so much that I want to do, and not enough time to do it all. I am so glad that I made the choice to come to York.
York is a really supportive community. And it’s provides many opportunities. Teachers really care about their students’ health and mental health.
York was an excellent high school overall. The community was warm, welcoming, and motivated, and I was more than prepared for college-level academics.
I was glad to attend a school with friendly teachers willing to talk to me and the caring students for two years. Though I am transferring schools, I will never forget the memories I made at this this school and everything that happened.
Had a fantastic high school experience here. Coming as a transfer, I was worried I wouldn't fit in etc., but York has a very welcoming community and they continually push you to be your best.
I have been attending York school for five years, and I feel like it has been a good experience. It is very small, with only 250 students. Everyone is compassionate and respectable.
It is a very small school, about 250 kids, and has a beautiful hilltop campus overlooking a valley. The education is very good, probably some of the best in the area, and offers many opportunities to students.
The academics at York are amazing. They have many knowledgeable teachers who are committed to helping students learn and actually understand their classes. You'll definitely be ready for college once you graduate- some alums say they were even over prepared. York provides unique opportunities to its students, including a study abroad program and connecting students to internships.
My favorite things about York are the teacher and student relationships, the welcoming community, the ability to join any sports team you want (only varsity tryouts), and the freedom. The teachers are so friendly and always willing to help. I have gone in countless times during lunch, free periods, after school, before school, and tutorial time (time where you can go to teachers if you need help or just hang out with friends) to ask teachers questions. I also love how you can join any sports team you want because there are no tryouts for JV. Even if you have NEVER played the sport before and have no idea how to play. Finally, I love the freedom York allows. Some examples of this are that there is no dress code, you can basically have your phone out whenever (probably not a good idea when a teacher is talking though), and you have free periods where you can do anything you want (homework, hangout with friends, go off campus, watch Netflix, take a nap etc).
The teachers and faculty are amazing, sweet and always willing to help. The students are genuine, although there may be some drama between classes. Being a college prep school, the courses are challenging and are on par with if not harder than actual college courses. However, what makes York so desirable is the fact that it does not just strive for academics excellence, but developing the character of the individual in and out of the classroom. This school has access to many clubs, extracurriculars, and competitive sports programs. If you're child is academically motivated, choose York.
Unique small school with a generally good environment, but students are too sheltered. Students are generally academically prepared, but not socially.
Best high school community out there. Teachers are excellent in their field and they do their best to ensure students are understanding the material.
York School is an academically challenging environment that pushes its students to pursue what they want. The teachers are encouraging and the courses are rigorous. The athletics are inclusive to all, so no one is left behind. The trust among the students, teachers, and staff shows the security and safety of this learning establishment
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Clubs like Key Club, Spanish Club, Asian Culture Club, MUN, and JSA are some of the clubs at York. There are a variety of other clubs, too, with, many interested participating students. There is also theatre after school as well as sports. Music ensembles meet in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoon.
Going to York has allowed me to become more active in school with joining clubs, sports and attending school events I never thought I would do. Last summer, I went to Seville, Spain with he CIEE study abroad program, and that was possible because a generous donor donated money for students at my school to go on trips by CIEE. I love the welcoming and friendly atmosphere of the school as well as its academic challenges.
The teachers at York are very knowledgeable about the subjects they are teaching. They are willing to help students who are struggling or have questions and do their best to engage students in their lessons
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