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Overall, I did not have a good experience here. I always tried my best in every class and every activity that I was involved in, however, it was never good enough. This school only cares about the students that right connections, especially if their parents are willing to donate a lot of money. They always ignored students who were just as talented/smart or even better just because they didn't have the right last name. If I could just give one piece of advice to them, it would be to do better.
The staff are good people, the food is decent, the students are not people I would want to stay around.
York high school truly cares about your well being. The counselors, teachers and all other staff know who you are personally and love seeing you succeed.
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so far I have made a great connection with my friends through sports and school. I like the system that is in place right now. The lunches should change because the food isn't that great. The class periods are nice. There should probably be more clubs added so everyone has something. It can be hard to manage school work and other activities at the same time so maybe something should change?
I like how involved we are encouraged to be, but teachers need to take our absence from class with more consideration since we are representing our school when we compete in these activities.
Here at York High, I enjoy a majority of the staff that the school has here. There are plenty of people here that are helpful and want to see us students become successful. While I enjoy the teachers, there's room for improvement in the school through cafeteria food, getting an automatic water bottle censor for bottles would be helpful as well.
I am an alumni from York High School and I really enjoyed all four years of YHS. The teachers are awesome and friendly and easy to talk to. They really try to prepare you for your future and tell you how important a lot of things you learn in high school are for the future. They extracurriculare activities that YHS offers are awesome and each one succeeds very well. The sports groups are very successful and the athletes are very dedicated because of how much fun they have and the coaching! The faculty at YHS are very good at what they do and they really care about each and every student there and their success. They made it evident to me, when I was there, that my future is important to them and that they were going to be there if I ever needed help with anything. The relationships that are made there are great too.
I love being a Duke it’s been the best thing ever. We have great teachers. We bring in student from different countries and it’s great learning about the their cultures. We have great sports teams such as out football, softball, basketball and wrestling programs we all work really well together cause we’ve played with each other since we were in elementary school together. We have great classes such as our college classes which actually prepare us for our years in college we also have career academy classes that are also like college courses but help us with what we want to go into.
York high school was my home for four years before I graduated! The facility and staff are all so supportive and want the best for you! They make sure you are challenged but understanding the content. Administration just everything and anything to make sure that the students walking the halls are safe and secure!
There are a lot of extracurricular activities at York high school from clubs to sports mostly the whole school participates in something. coaches are nice and encouraging
mostly everyone got along students were nice and encouraging teachers were helpful and tried their best to give us a good education.
Teachers are able to do a lot of one on one time, they answer question you have and work with schedules.
Resources were tremendous as our school nurse was wonderful and never judged any student no matter what the reason for their visit was. There were very low bullying rates and I myself and most students would say that we felt very safe there.
The amount of after school activities that are available at this school is amazing. I myself was in a variety of sport and in band/color guard. Football was definitely one of the biggest school events here, which was wonderful because the school body really came together to support our boys and we still do as we all come back for homecoming every year.
My favorite experiences of York High School wold have to have been being very actively involved within my school thanks to the teachers/coaches who helped me become interested in so many things I never could have seen myself doing. This school is unique because it really taught me and all of my classmates what it truley means to be a class, a team, not just a body of students. I would choose this school again if I had to do it all over again because the teachers and the atmosphere of this school was amazing. I never felt, scared, alone or unsuccessful while I attended but instead I felt like I could talk to anyone whether it be students, teachers, coaches etc and they would go above and beyond to help me with whatever that may be.
So many of the teachers at York High School have impacted my life tremendously while I was in high school, which has played a major role in the college student that I am today! They were all so caring about our attitudes and cared about us outside of the classrooms. I still visit with quite a few of my high school teachers today!
The school is on top of everyones safety. Doors lock when the first bell rings and request to come in to the building is a required thing.
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Every student is involved in something. Whether it's arts or sports someone is doing something.
Everyone person in the community supports almost every event going on at the school. I believe that all activities get an equal share of support.
The teachers at this school go above and beyond to help their students with school work or any problems outside of the classroom.
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