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York college and career resource center does a very good job at getting the seniors applied for college. They stay with you the whole time and start out junior year getting you ready for applications etc.
York really prepared me for my future. All of the resources that are made available to us has helped in so many ways.
This is a good school overall, i love it. But some teachers have attitudes and demand respect, and i dont believe in that. Even though i am still respectful to them.
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There is so much to like about this school. The Community is just amazing. We have prep rallies for almost every sport that wins state. The soccer program is amazing, I been on the team for 4 years already and I can't wait for college. The soccer program got me prepared for the season and gotten me better. I hope the team will get better as former players leave. The safety of the school isn't good. But its amazing school with great teachers.
York is a weird school. Its has a large population of students with severe medical conditions which causes the amblance to come to the school a lot, sometimes twice a day. We also make it on to the news a lot from gun threats. York had some occasional racism around the time Trump got elected a couple of kids wore the "make America great again" hat and went around calling the African Americans "nigger" and yelling "build a wall" at the latin Americans. Over all its an ok school. Its not very diverse, but still fun. There are multiple clubs and all inclusive sports and even multiple different languages you can take. The teachers are really nice and help you if you ask for help. The food is Ok there are multiple options but it's just not flavored right and they wont let us add salt to give it a little flavor just pepper. They have this program where you can take a class at technology center of Dupage its a nice way to get dual credit if you are a junior or senior.
I loved the support that this school provided for its students and how the administration and staff cared for the students. They worked hard to ensure our success and wanted to prepare students for the next step after high school. We have a lot of school spirit and great attendance to sports games, even though the football team always loses.
I am going into my senior year at York. My experiences have been positive and negative, with the majority positive. The academics, clubs, and activities are top notch. The administration, diversity, and cultural fitness require improvement.
York is a predominantly white high school that isn't very open to other races/ethnicities. Some of the teachers were okay; the only amazing teacher I remember was our music teacher. Besides that, they didn't offer much, especially if you're a minority.
York is a wonderful high school. It offers so many unique opportunities and the majority of the faculty are dedicated to the students and passionate with what they teach. However, it has flaws in its diversity. It also has a large focus on academic rigor and high level courses - which lead to competition between 'honor' students and a feeling of neglect for students that don't take honors or AP courses.
The teachers are so kind and helpful and truly want you to succeed. Whenever I need help I know that I can go directly to my teacher or seek out the resources my school has provided such as the Learning Commons and the Math Lab.
York Community High School is a great academic institution that I am very blessed to have attended. It is a school not only flourishing in its academics but also in the extracurriculars that it offers. The teachers, for the most part, are very kind and committed to providing the best education for its students and there are plenty of resources to go to whenever you need help. Through its extracurriculars, York embraces the uniqueness of each and every student through offering various activities that appeal to any student and allows them to develop themselves. Overall, York is a school committed to not only preparing students for their futures by helping them grow academically, but it allows them to grow as people.
York High school is truly a welcoming place. The teachers care about their students success and help them in any way they can. The high school offers tons of clubs and student organizations for any students interests!
York is a fantastic high school with lot of opportunities to get involved no matter what your interests. Sports and music programs are very competitive.
Overall one of the top public high schools in the nation. Fantastic funding, a variety of accelerated and AP courses available to take, and a welcoming and safe environment for all. Diversity is very low with the vast majority of students being Caucasian and the teachers can be hit or miss with some utterly fantastic teachers, specifically in the history and science department, but some dreadful teachers alongside that, primarily math and English teachers.
York has a great balance of academics and athletics. I feel that there are so many different things to get involved in at York no matter your interests. For the most part, the teachers want all of their students to be successful and are always looking to help. Nearly everyone leaves York happy with their college choice or whatever their next step is.
There are lots of opportunities to find something you love. There is a class for anyone from ceramics to CAD. The teachers are overall good, and there are lots of academic resources and tutors.
I have only been enrolled in the school for a year, but when I arrived I was welcomed and very pleased with my teachers and the new friends I've made.
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There are so many options for classes and the teachers and counselors do a wonderful job of making sure you're in a class with the right amount of difficulty.
I think York High School really has a lot to offer, from the wide variety of classes to the amount of resources acailible. I think rarely there is a faculty or staff member not willing to go out of their way to help a student. I accredit most of my success to the foundation York has given me.
York High School is a great place to learn. There are so many teachers and staff that really care about students succeeding. The people that attend York are in my experience very supportive of each other and there is so much to get involved in no matter what you are interested in.
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