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I have been at YLHS for three years now and for the most part it is a really great school. Overall, the academics are above average (although some teachers are actually terrible). The social scene is very active with sports events happening daily and parties outside of school weekly. YLHS does have a reputation for being a "rich kid" school since Yorba Linda is a wealthier town, but many people don't fit this category. Despite some of the drama and fake friends, I would say that my time at YLHS has been really great and I would choose to go here again if I had the chance.
The entire school has a school pride that is so unique and heartwarming. The teachers always encourage us in our everyday lives, and help shape a good future for the students. I appreciate this high school; it will be unforgettable.
Yorba Linda gave me a sense of community I lacked from previously attending a private school! I found all sorts of interests and people through the abundant groups and activities on campus. I made lasting memories with my teachers and peers, and feel equipped for my collegial endeavors.
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I liked kickin it w my friends, they treated us like kids tho. I remember them telling us that being in high school they would treat us more like adults but instead that backfired. Staff and teachers constantly had problems with students and treated us like kids
The administration is attentive and involved with the students. There is a diverse population of students. All cultures and ethnic groups are welcomed and made to feel included and respected.
There is a lot of enthusiasm for all the sporting activities. It brings excitement and comradery among the students.
If you are not careful, you may get caught up in a group that tend to separate themselves with others and feels entitled. It's best to be friends with a lot of different groups and join clubs. Stay well rounded in your studies vs social life. Some groups don't put any emphasis on school work or homework, and others think about nothing else but their high achievements.
There is a big emphasis on the music program and plays and musicals. The enthusiasm for these programs is infectious among the students and staff.
Overall, I have really enjoyed my high school years and will carry many happy memories and friendships with me for years to come.
YLHS is a amazing school if you want your child to have a structured academic program . Great access to information for 4 year colleges and a scholarships.
I really enjoyed my time at Yorba Linda. They have great extracurriculars, and all the programs are really good. I wish the atmosphere at the overall school was more inviting, but I know I did learn a lot from the teachers that I had.
I loved my time at Yorba Linda High School. What really made the experience a good one for me were the palm trees on campus. I truly vibed with them.
The campus is really nice. The quality of learning varies, but in general, I feel that I've learned the most from my AP teachers. The AP department is amazing.
I am a senior at Yorba Linda High School. I truly had a great experience attending this school. The staff and teachers are always working hard to make learning fun and more hands-on. This highschool has brought me some of my closest friends and favorite memories. Go mustangs!
I rate my experience at Yorba Linda High School so far 4 stars due to the excellent resources available such as a plethora of technology, a safe environment, beautiful campus, overall good scores from the school, and some outstanding teachers. However, the school is not very diverse and could work on showing more appreciation for other sports too.
My experience at Yorba Linda High School was not good but not bad. I never felt very connected to the school in any way and it can be very clicky. You needed to find your niche of people or no one would really go out of the way to make sure you felt welcome. I loved the sports aspect of school but the academics side was just mediocre. I found my teachers to be very hard to reach and sometimes difficult to communicate with.
Yorba Linda High School has been an overall okay experience, we regularly rank high amongst academics and there are lots of opportunities to seek out with AP classes and test prep, the only thing is that there is an issue of diversity which leads to some experiences of racial insults and mocking, and although the administration seems genuine when they say that they are working to combat these issues, there is not always any results.
My time at Yorba Linda High School has been over all good. There are a variety of classes offered and it’s a new school so it is very nice.
The school is very and new and has a very modern design. The honors and AP classes are all very rigorous, yet have a very high pass rate when compared to other schools across the country. The overall school has a strong blend of academics, athletics and school spirit. For sports, Yorba Linda High School consistently has success and I attend many of the sporting events on campus.
The school offers comprehensive honors and AP classes which are very good. The school though favors students whose parents worked for school districts and parents that donate/provide sponsorships to extra curricular programs and able to volunteer hours for school.
i made lifelong friends and was always treated with respect from the staff. made lasting memories and loved my high school experience
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I have enjoyed my experience at Yorba Linda High School. Many of the teachers are great and they care about their students. The resources and facilities are above adequate. The sports teams are well-funded.
I am currently a senior at Yorba Linda High School, and I have had a great experience. The teachers for the most part are helpful, great at teaching the subject, and passionate about what they are teaching, however, there are the select few that don't like interacting with the students, making it hard for connections to be formed. In terms of spirit, it is pretty average, as many do go to football games, but ASB has formed a clique. It is often frustrating as ASB has become a popularity contest, but aside from that, the people there are nice, you just have to find your group.
The overall experience at Yorba Linda is, for me, a good one. You will most likely run into the typical high school tropes such as mean popular girls and lazy teachers but in the end, the education and resources you receive are some of the best in the state.
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