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Yonkers Montessori Academy Reviews

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Yonkers Montessori Academy is a great school for exemplifying a sense of community and proper academics.
My overall experience at Yonkers Montessori Academy could have been better. I do not feel satisfied with the experience my high school has given me. Although the academics are average, the lack of clubs/activities as well as school spirit has a created a less memorable experience for myself.
The only K-12 Montessori school around and also one of the only high schools that offer an intersession program. Which is where students pick a trip in the beginning of the school year, and mid year they go on fun and educational trips, some out of the state and some even out of the country!
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Yonkers Montessori Academy was an incredible school to attend. It gave me the opportunity to learn both in and outside of the classroom. Although, because the school is in Yonkers, it receives little funding. However, proactive students and teachers fundraise to enrich the students experience at the school.
When i first transferred here, i felt comfortable and was able to adapt to the environment. Everyone was welcoming and easy to talk to.
Yonkers Montessori Academy is a very diverse schhol where they try to help every student exceed as best as possibe
I've been at YMA for many years and am now in 12th grade. YMA has a lot of great aspects, such as intersession trips, sports teams, and some clubs for students to enjoy outside of the classroom. However, as I am getting ready to graduate I realize that the quality of my education was not on par with other schools in the state, let alone the country. Some of this was due to a lack of funding, such as in science classes when we did not have the equipment to do labs. In other cases, it was because of the teachers and staff not making the best choices for students. I had a great experience as a student here, but wonder if I might have been better off at a different school with better teachers and more resources.
Yonkers Montessori Academy is a decent school that have a good amount of clubs and sports that usually a good amount of people are involved in. There are a lack of parents participation in the school which does not help.
Yonkers Montessori Academy is an average school. It is very diverse with good teachers but it lacks in sports and parent involvment.
The school has many dedicated teachers; there are programs that can prepare students for college and the future, like Montessori Senior Thesis. It has a very diverse population, which opens minds and broadens students' perspectives.
i liked the sports Environment in Yonkers Montessori Academy. I appreciate their sports becuase it kept me occupied and being off the streets as a teenage boy. The school is really lay back with the students giving them a respectful and peaceful Environment while obtaining their education. One thing i would change from Yonkers Montessori Academy is their intention of giving some fairluy easy work. I find some work simple and not challenging for the students giving them the easy grade.
The teachers are nice but some of them are mean. It just depends who you are. The college readiness needs to be improved and get kids really prepared.
Amongst other schools in the Yonkers district, Yonkers Montessori Academy stands out. Relative to others in the district, this school offers a solid education with a community to back it. With the exception of a few, teachers are excellent at utilizing the few resources they have access to while still engaging the student. However, when you compare this school on a larger scale, Yonkers Montessori Academy underperforms overwhelmingly. The school lacks many resources and has poor leadership and direction. Resources are distributed poorly and illogically; rather than fix lockers or buy textbooks, the school buys TVs to hang in hallways. Administrators are probably the worst thing about the school. They are disconnected from the educational level they control (An elementary teacher is the AP of the highschool floor). Locally, this school tops others. Regionally, this school bottoms out. If you live in Yonkers and can afford to attend a school outside the district, do it.
I did enjoy participating in the extracirricular activities and advanced placement classes at Yonkers Montessori Academy, however, I wish the school had more educational resources for the programs to reach their maximum potential.
This is school has many issues however they seem to come from lack of funds. Compared to all other schools in its are it is noticable lacking. The most redeeming quality is the montessori style of teaching however this is even watered down. A yearly trip calld intersession is also very enjoyable and gives students a once in a lifetime experience.
While some teachers are incompetent, YMA still has many well qualified teacher tthat genuinely care about your success.
What I really like about Yonkers Montessori Academy is that there is a lot of diversity and that the teachers are very helpful . The food is the only thing that I would change here. The facilities are always nice and neat, and the majority of the staff at YMA are very friendly. Overall, I feel that YMA is a safe and nurturing environment for any student to learn in.
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The intercession registration was out-right terrible. Some people didn't have parents or guardians to accompany them during it.
Yonkers montessori academy is a great school. There are almost no fights and the teachers care about their students academic success. The one thing I would like to see change is for the lunch ladies to be able to serve their home cuisines as regular lunch. The school lunch is often lackluster and doesnt have many nutrients.
Yonkers Montessori Academy is a great school. The teachers are amazing and are willing to help. They have an intersession program unlike any other Yonkers school. I totally recommend this school.
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