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This school is a hell spawn. Bullying is everywhere, racism is a daily problem, drugs galore, and terrible use of funding. If you play a sport, you will be forced to pay for many trips many above $300. You will never fit in if you aren't a hyper-masculine athlete. If you want to come here, you better play many sports and you better be amazing and starting. Teachers are mediocre. Some will hate you ,be snobs, and others will give some help. NEVER EVER COME HERE!!!!! Go somewhere else.
My experience at Xavier has been very enjoyable and rewarding. What I love most about Xavier is how every teacher genuinely cares about your success and will put everything aside to help you reach your goals. I also love the sense of community and brotherhood that you cannot get at any other high school. Xavier is a very safe learning environment where working hard and getting good grades is seen as cool. This school does a great job of instilling discipline and developing boys into exemplary young men. I wouldn't change a single thing about Xavier, as it is already an excellent institution.
The building is renovated and well-kept (for the most part).
Teachers are professional and easy to get along with.
The faculty members will go above and beyond to help you with academics, sports, and college admissions.
There are a lot of clubs to join.
Great athletic programs (especially Football and Rugby).
Very religious environment.

Some parts of the building are kind of run down and need renovation.
Disciplinary action can be a bit unfair, even for lighter offenses.
The social scene is very cliquey at times.
It's expensive.
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As a senior that is currently enrolled at Xavier High School I can confidently say that Xavier has changed me into a much better man than I would have been had I gone to another school. Everyone that I have come into contact with has been great and I have made some very long lasting friendships that will stay with me for a very long time.
Do not come here. The resources are terrible in terms of college readiness and academics outside of sports are poor, with a low amount of AP courses to boot. You cannot "sully" the name of this "amazing school" where apparently you pay 20,000 dollars for a mediocre education. Fordham is better folks, GO THERE! The sports here are good, but anything else? Absolutely not. A bunch of kids that came here complain that their parents force them or otherwise some folks are just outright "brainwashed" about the school.
Or you have kids like me that the school for what it is. Please any 8th graders reading this, (or 7th,) get good grades and go to somewhere like Bard, Eleanor, or any of the specialized schools. If you have to choose between Fordham and Xavier go to Fordham. They have a better campus and are way more lenient. If I could go back to study, I 100% would've improved my grades and SHSAT score. Don't get yourself stuck here, it really isn't a pleasant experience in any way.
We LOVE Xavier. It is a fantastic school with great teachers who are committed to the boys. They are very professional and passionate about teaching. For a NYC school, you can’t do much better for athletics considering the challenges you have because of space issues in Manhattan.
There is a great community involved at Xavier high school with alot of people who are engaging in many ways with you getting more than just an education but an overall experience that you will remember. What i would change is the expansiveness of the school qnd the bathrooms as they are not as good as you would want them to be.
It is an amazing school. The boys become men, well able to face the world, when they graduate. They are taught to be responsible, organized and simply perform hard work or the task at hand.
Historically it was an excellent school, always diverse in its results with hard-working blue collar grads as well as white collar high flyers. As an alum and a parent of a recent graduate I can say that a most serious decline has occurred in their college prep. The administration seems to have over-expanded in the wrong directions, often overreaching in attempts to influence students theological and political outlook at the expense of academic and dialectic rigor. This year was marked with what feels like genuine malpractice in their college counseling, an urgent problem I encourage others to look into independently. I will always have a deep affection for the institution based on my experiences there decades ago, but it has truly let me down as a parent. I pray for a change of leadership in the near future.
This school is a complete waste. You literally are throwing your money away. There are no facilities that your money goes to. Do you want to really know where your money goes? It goes straight into the president, deans and headmasters pocket. To make you feel better about your tuition being spent, they'll send the rugby team to Utah using YOUR MONEY!! Then to add some salt to the wound, they'll increase their tuition 300% every year. If I had the choice again I would go to public school. If anyone reading this is set on going to catholic or private school. Go somewhere like Fordham Prep or Iona, they have better academics and beautiful facilities at a similar price.
The Xavier community is full of knowledgable and amicable people, both from the student body and the faculty. With very few exceptions, everyone in the building is sincere and willing to connect with each other.
My experience at Xavier has been great so far. I have felt safe and comfortable the entirety of my time here. The teachers at Xavier make it clear that they want to see their students succeed. Even with playing two varsity sports there is still plenty of time to get my work done. College guidance counselors have been extremely helpful throughout the entire process. They know what they are doing and what they need to do to make their kids have the best opportunities possible.
Xavier High School is an extraordinary community of diverse people with exemplary values and commitment to excellent scholarship, leadership, and service.
Xavier High School challenged me and allowed me to grow in ways that I did not even know were possible. It was a great experience to be taught by some of the most intelligent individuals I have ever met in my life.
I liked the bond I got to form with the other guys there. Whether that be in the classroom- resident history nerd, at your service- or in our United States Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Regiment and Drill Team, I formed some pretty tight relationships with my friends. And yeah, I lost touch with a few guys from grade and middle school. Not sure how I'll do with these guys after I graduate. But besides a horrific religion curriculum, I wouldn't change a thing.
This school is torture. The faculty is aware of the bullying problem and none of them are concerned. Theres swastikas in my textbooks, the n word on the bathroom stalls, theres even people suggesting suicide to others on the bathroom walls. The whole jesuit/catholic aspect is a sham and a mask. It covers the terrible culture this school has. The faculty knows and doesnt care
Xavier high school was a great high school experience. It prepared me very well for college, and I’ve heard the same from all my friends. Xavier high school has great faculty to offer and strives to turn students into Jesuit “men for others”. They focus on more than just educating students in school, but try to shape them to be better people.
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This school is awful. Teachers teach from textbooks and cannot take criticism. They try to build us like robots. Spend your money elsewhere. There is nothing you can gain from paying for this school rather than paying nothing for a good public school. The drug and bullying culture is extremely real. A bunch of old white men
Great academics and an average sports program. Great for college prep and the teachers are very informative.
My experience at Xavier has been amazing. I have wanted to attend Xavier since middle school. It has developed me academically, spiritually and emotionally for my future. I am proud to attend Xavier and become a "Man for Others." My brother is now a freshman and I know my parents are proud of both of us. They have sacrificed to enable us to attend Xavier and I am grateful.
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