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My son (kindergarten) & daughter (5th grade) go to Xavier. As a family we like how the teachers & administrators show & instill moral values to our children, everybody is kind & respectful. They have a rich curriculum which brings our family together by working with their homeworks & projects & talking things they learned at dinner. Thank you so much Xavier!
It's an amazing school and academically focused on bettering the students and has a very open community. The only reason it's not a full 5 stars is due to the amount of homework and the lack of regulation at the school (especially including their 'dress code', causing more trouble than it's worth)
Xavier is an excellent choice for those who want to challenge themselves and take their education into their own hands. Most of the high school curriculum is rigorous and I really learned how to work hard. This has translated well into the college environment. The emphasis on the arts is an experience you will not receive at any other school in the valley.

An area that Xavier is lacking includes preparing their students to meet college and real-life expectations. Entering college, many of my other friends already had their Associates Degree or were close to it. I felt behind because there was a limited amount of college classes (AP) offered at Xavier. As well, while there are some clubs that students can (and should) get involved in, the school could work harder to expand their extracurriculars. As they are no longer legally a "college prep school", lacking these does not look good on an application. At the end of the day, a good ACT score will only get you so far.
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As a student that has attended Xavier since 1st grade I can say that this school is a great safe choice for your kid. I am a sophomore now and I have had a very good experience here. A challenging educational experience to set up your child for success in college. With helpful teachers and students Xavier is the perfect school for your child.
Xavier is an amazing school for the arts and excels in all types of academic programs. The school uses a classical education approach in every subject and provides excellent college preparation. The school provides high safety standards when it comes to students by having people sign in and having a procedure in case of disasters. The downfall to the school is, it is a charter school and the state of Idaho does not give it the funding like other public high schools get. This can be seen when it comes to the facility and the amount of fundraising the school does. Unlike normal high schools, Xavier lacks in sports and after-school activities. They also lack in technology as well, they do not have adequate computers and heavily restrict personal device usage.
Xavier was a great school because it prepared me for college so well! Being a K-12 school, it was able to utilize a teaching method that is not found at other schools. Students learn the foundations in elementary school, but as they get older, the same topics get discussed in greater detail as students are encouraged to think for themselves and ask questions. However, the work load can be a bit heavy and the social circle is a bit small, but I still had a great experience.
I would tell them that is a very good school and prepares every student for college. The curriculum is hard but is very good in helping for college and is interesting for the most part. The teachers for the most part are very helpful and will do anything to help with every student's grades.
I love the learning environment at Xavier. I feel that the teachers truly believe that every student can learn and that this reflects in their teaching methods. My peers are kind, considerate and caring and along with the staff we are a close knit community. My life has been enriched by all the experiences that I have had at my school and the friendships I have made.
Xavier is a very unique experience as it pushes their students to strive and thrive in college level environments. The teachers are extremely friendly and welcoming and go above and beyond for their students. Most students enjoy the blend of the performance, art, and academia as they go through out their high school experience. However, Xavier is limited due to its adherence to the classical education as it does not offer the usual sports or classes that can be offered at other schools. If you are a student interested in pushing yourself to be the best you can be and are willing to put in the effort to succeed, Xavier is for you.
I love that I am getting a great education at Xavier. It is a more rigorous curriculum that the traditional public schools in this area. It also gives me more opportunities to explore the arts, which I love.
My experience has been amazing! I love everything about the school, the atmosphere, the programs, the family bond. Everything is so well thought out, everyone is gracious, and kind.
The school is very focused on classical education and college readiness. They recognize the importantce of the arts and try to incorporate that into their curriculum. Unfortunately, because the school is small and has little funding, its goals are not always fully realized.
I loved attending Xavier for most of my school career. The elementary program was amazing. The teachers are great and truly care for the success of the students. The secondary school (7-12) is another story. There have been some phenomenal teachers, but there are also some that are not as good. It is a small school, so everyone knows everyone in their grade, which is really nice. The teachers are truly caring of the students and will listen to them and help them whenever they can.
Xavier Charter School, despite whatever bumps there may be in the road, consistently made me feel valued as a student and prepared me more than adequately for university academics. The teachers have always made it their job to nurture their students' minds and to preserve and teach the truth, even when it was uncomfortable.
Many students disliked the lack of sports; however, there were a wide variety of other extracurricular activities available. Xavier specifically sponsored a robotics team and club, track and cross country team, a Ragnar running club, a trap and skeet shooting team and club, chess club, study groups, dance clubs, and many other performance based groups.
The school itself is very safe. However, as it has grown, it has started to form a bullying problem in the younger grades. There have been and are currently being many efforts made to rid the school of this sort of behavior.
The school focused on the education of its students through a classical, performing arts lens. Not only did the education challenge the students academically, through Socratic discussion and rigorous debates, but it also challenged the students creatively, through dance, art, and music. The goal was to create a well rounded individual, not produce clones that are barely ready for college. The school sought to find the students' passions and interests and expand upon them.
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The quality of the teachers is beyond what I would have expected from them. Their focus was on making sure the students understand what was being taught. If the class struggled, rather than speeding ahead and giving supplementary reading, they would slow down and give difference explanations until one finally resonated with the students. The school was based on Socratic discussion. This meant that even if a student held an opinion or gave an answer that was completely wrong, the teachers would engage them in friendly debate, encouraging the students to support and defend their decisions.
The groups are fun and educational. The students enjoy attending.
The school has a zero bullying policy. I have a grandson who was bullied terribly at another school and he feels safe at this school.
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