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The Vanguard School
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    Founded in 1995 by several parents interested in a more rigorous academic curriculum and character education, Vanguard continues to provide excellence in education in a safe, structured environment by adhering to its mission statement.

    The Vanguard School is a school of choice serving students in grades K-12 from across the Pikes Peak region. All of our teachers are highly qualified and committed to excellence in education. Teachers utilize Direct Instruction coupled with a Core Knowledge curriculum to achieve student mastery. Teachers use a classroom management approach based on the CHAMP’s model to encourage positive, respectful, on-task behavior from all students.


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    Why a Classical Education?

    We treat history and literature as an ongoing story of which we are a part. This story reveals truth, beauty, and goodness in our world and how we can participate as human beings. Our school’s enduring, nationally acclaimed program prepares graduates for advanced education, meaningful contributions to society, and a life of purpose.

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