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    Ednovate is a network of public, tuition-free, high-performing college prep high schools in Los Angeles and Orange County. We serve first-generation college-bound students from traditionally underserved communities. Most Ednovate students come from communities that have been underserved for decades by the public education system. About 98% of Ednovate’s enrollment is students of color, and 82% come from low-income households.

    Our students have a 99% college acceptance rate, but what matters even more is that we’re graduating self-aware, engaged young adults who are headed toward a life of purpose and impact. We prepare high school students from Southern California’s most under-resourced communities for success in school and life, empowering them to use their college degrees and careers to make a positive multigenerational change.


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    We believe in the academic promise of every student. We expect 100% from ourselves in educating every student and getting every student ready for success. That belief and support lifts every student to meet the expectations we have for them, the expectations their family has for them, and the expectations — the hopes and dreams — they have for themselves.

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