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DSST Public Schools
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    COVID-19 Update for Prospective Students and Families:

    COVID-19 Update for Prospective Students and Families: DSST is excited to welcome visitors back to campus for in-person open houses this year! We remain committed to keeping our community safe and healthy and will follow all local and state public health guidelines. Learn More


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    DSST Public Schools operate 16 public, free middle and high schools in Denver. We are a community that nurtures academic excellence and promotes lifelong learning. 100% of our graduates have been admitted to college since 2008.

    At DSST we focus equally on rigorous academics and character development, and each student is known and valued. Our strong, supportive community and shared values give students the confidence to take the lead in their studies, athletics and activities, personal passions, and their life.

    Our curriculum develops a strong foundation in liberal-arts studies while preparing to take advantage of explosive growth in STEM career opportunities. Each of our schools offers unique course options, and DSST offers a variety of electives, allowing students to explore other interests. But all students complete standard college preparatory curriculum, from middle school through high school.


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    Tight-knit communities where students are known and valued.

    At DSST, each student is empowered to be themselves and explore their talents and passions. Students receive individualized support to empower them to succeed.

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