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Diocese of Knoxville
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    COVID-19 Update for Prospective Students and Families:

    The health and welfare of our students and school communities is always our highest priority. It is critical all within our school communities contribute to the prevention, rapid identification, and mitigation of the spread of COVID-19 in our schools and communities. Procedural protocols for on-campus learning and remote learning options are defined in the Diocese of Knoxville Re-Entry Policies. Learn More


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    The Diocese of Knoxville, situated in East Tennessee, comprises approximately the eastern third of the state. It is both geographically and culturally part of Appalachia within the Appalachian Mountains. The ten Catholic schools accredited by COGNIA and the state of Tennessee serve preschool through Grade 12 students and are spread across the diocese within the major cities of Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Chattanooga, Kingsport, and Johnson City.

    Our Catholic schools, by their very nature, have a higher purpose--to prepare students for a successful and virtuous life on Earth, so that they can spend eternity in glory. Rigorous academic standards translate into superior academic achievement. Developing the whole student in mind, body, and spirit requires engagement beyond the classroom. Whether a student athlete, an artist, a musician, an academic, or a multi-talented student, the Catholic schools, in partnership with families, nurture each student's gifts and develop leaders.


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    S.T.R.E.A.M in Our Schools

    Catholic schools cultivate enthusiasm and inquiry by inspiring student minds to explore and engage in active learning through multi-disciplinary experiences. From outdoor classrooms to virtual reality, students are provided the inspiration and tools to excel in all academic areas. Science, technology, religion, engineering, arts, and mathematics are integrated in problem-based learning.

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