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    From Bright Star Schools

    Welcome to Bright Star Schools!

    Bright Star empowers and enhances our communities. From day one, we’ve built a network of some of the strongest, tuition-free public schools in Los Angeles together.

    Through nine schools in three communities – West Adams, Koreatown, and the San Fernando Valley – our 3,000+ students experience rigorous academics, inclusive education, social-emotional support, and rich life opportunities beyond the classroom.

    We’re also continuing to grow! We’re building seamless, high-quality TK-12 educational models and higher education support in each of our communities so that we can serve more families and prepare more students to find success in higher education, in their careers, and in their lives.

    We welcome new families to join our schools and talented people to contribute to our important work at Bright Star! All students are eligible to attend our schools, and you can learn more about enrollment here. Learn more about joining our team here.


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    Bright Star Academics

    At Bright Star, our core academic curriculum focuses on math, history, language arts, and science. We believe reading and writing are the cornerstone of all other academic skills. All students take courses in Spanish, physical education, and music. Technology is infused across all classroom learning environments, and students read independently at home for 30 minutes every day, 360 days a year.

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