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Archdiocese of Newark
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    Faith and knowledge meet in many places. The place you can be certain of their meeting is in a Catholic school.

    Catholic education is an expression of the mission entrusted by Jesus to the Church. Through education, the Church seeks to prepare children and their families to proclaim the Good News and to translate this proclamation into action. The Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Newark afford an opportunity to realize the threefold purpose of Christian education among young people: message, community, and service.

    The Office of the Superintendent of Schools is committed to the promotion, preservation and growth of all Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese. It strives for the development of programs of educational excellence which convey the message of Christ and prepare students for life.


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    Communities of Faith and Learning

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    Our Catholic schools develop and nurture young men and women of values and vision through quality early childhood, elementary, and college preparatory education paired with ongoing formation. We provide learning experiences in a Catholic environment that will assist the students in their spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development. Click below to locate a school.

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