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Wyndmere High School Reviews

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Wyndmere High School has quality academics and teachers that are dedicated to student success, especially for a school with total high school enrollment of about 100.
The health and safety is ok because we live in a small school.
I like the extracurricluars that the school has but wish there were more options.
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I think that the parents hear at Wyndmere Public School are very supportive of their children and extra curricular activities. We are very fortunate.
Not all teachers are good.
While there are not a ton of opportunities for extracurricular activities at Wyndmere Public School, the opportunities that are provided are excellent and enhance a student's experience.
This school has prepared me for college exceptionally well. The whole environment of the school makes the whole experience unique. After being at this school since kindergarten I can easily say that I would choose this school again. I highly doubt that I would have received a comparable education anywhere in the vicinity without enrolling in a private school.
The teachers at Wyndmere Public School are highly engaged in the education of every single student at my school. They also incorporate technology into the curriculum which enhances the overall experience. Throughout the years the grading and interest in students and their thoughts have stayed consistent which also enhances the experience. I have enjoyed my time immensely while at Wyndmere Public School.
Wyndmere School provides an exceptional education for it's students and also provides a wonderful work environment for both faculty and students. The school does a really good job of providing students with resources that they will use not only in high school, but later on in life to be successful.
The teachers in my school are knowledgeable, outgoing, and very caring. Our staff goes above and beyond to make sure that every kid is receiving the help that he or she needs to be successful. The school does really well with keeping kids up to date with technology and they do their best to help us whenever we have problems.
We have lock downs almost every quarter. We also have fire drills two, three times a quarter.
The extracurriculars are good but it seems like thats all anybody really cares about.
My overall experience has been okay, I wouldn't say it has been the best but I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
The teachers at my school care about the students and they want us to do the best that we can. We are told all the time that if we have any problems to come to them and they would help us through it, even if it is a personal problem.
I love the food here at Wyndmere! The cooks are extremely nice and love us all, they work very hard to make us good and healthy food.
Enjoyable, I would choose this school again because I really like the teachers. I have friends in almost every grade, I just get along with a lot of the people here.
I believe our school to be very safe, we go through drills of possible things that could happen so we are prepared. We do not like bullying, students will go to teachers if they see someone being bullied.
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