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Wylie E. Groves High School Reviews

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We have two girls in Gloves one now in MSU Honors- and other is a Senior going to Michigan - We are happy with the school performance over all it is good experience. Our daughters play volleyball and they have a lot of fun doing it. Some times the communication with teachers and administrative personal is difficult but over all is very good. Two aspects that i will improve will be to have more help during the collage scholarships process and dressing code enforcement for boy and girls.
My experience at Groves was good. It would have been better with better teacher involvement and change in the environment of the school.
So thankful I can call Groves my high school. I can safely say the majority of my teachers were there for me and the vibe is so warm and communal.
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Wylie E Groves was an excellent place to spent 4 years of high school. Diverse student population and well prepared me for college. Teachers were excellent for the most part.
Great staff that really care about seeing you succeed. The courses can be rigorous, as lots of APs are offered, and the teachers expect the best from students.
I believe my overall experience at Wylie E. Groves High School has been very good, which is not common for many high school students. The best feature of Groves would have to be its homelike feel. My high school has many activities that run after school that I have participated in, which may contribute to the strong sense of home that I feel. However, besides my physical ties with Groves, I believe that the relationships developed between the students and teachers gives Groves a comfortable environment. Our teachers not only strive to teach their students various subjects, but as well as get to know us for who we are as people, not teenagers who are being forced to learn. By offering this warm,comforting environment, it has made me proud to be a Groves Falcon.
The teachers are very helpful and the technology is well utilized. I would like to see online textbook access in all classes and cursive writing accepted.
September 2018 it was my first year going to Groves . In all of my classes the teachers were helpful and very supportive of my education .My 11th grade year was one of my best school years since I moved to the Birmingham school district. Now that I'm in 12th grade my grades have improve since I've been going to this school.
Finishing up my sophomore year at Michigan State now. There were some really awesome things about going to this high school but also some not so awesome things. The academics and a lot of the sports teams/clubs were overall great but the student population was very toxic. If I had to redo high school over again, I would’ve probably rather gone somewhere else for high school so I could be around more people that I liked
The students and parents at the school are involved and very friendly. They have a wide variety of clubs and activities for participation. The administration staff is always available for parents and to help students focus and strive for excellence in their academics and their future goals.
I enjoyed my time at Groves! The teachers were super understanding and supportive, and were there for me when I needed them. I loved being able to explore my passions and felt super prepared for college. The College and Career center also helped me prepare for standardized tests and I felt ready for the ACT when I took it. I also got to travel all around the country because of the Groves Orchestra, and I'll treasure my experiences there forever.
The community at Groves is so warm and diverse. It opens up your mind to what the real world will be like. On top of that the teachers there want to see you succeed, they all care so much.
Wiley E. Groves in Michigan is a great school. There are a few things that I would like to see them acknowledge. Cheerleading is not really acknowledged as a sport at Groves High School. I would
also like to see more healthy foods in the cafeteria and vending machines. Implementing these two things would create inclusion and a better study body.
Groves is a great school with great resources. There are numerous classes and programs to choose from that make high school an enjoyable experience!
Groves is an amazing community full of people from all different backgrounds. People here are accepting of all people, and anyone can feel welcome.
Most teachers are very nice, school is big and classes are neat and organized. We have Unisex bathrooms, but they’re usually locked. Groves is a very very diverse school, and very accepting. The library is my favorite. Very future oriented. They often push kids to take honors and AP classes, which can be a bit stressful for some kids. We take spirit/charity weeks/events very seriously (in a fun way). They offer a bunch of different classes, from “cultural foods” to “scuba diving”. There is also a whole lot of clubs, from “the Gay Straight Alliance” to “African American Rights” to “Chess” to “snowclub”. The theatre program is insanely good, I mean insanely. Everyone wants you to do your best. The school has security guards and cameras in the hallways. The students have a lot of pressure on them but the test stats are high for this school. Many students here end up going to “University of Michigan” or “Michigan State”.
Wylie e groves high school is not that great of a school I would recommend that you go to any other school beside this one. Many of the kids are fake , rude , and stuck up .
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Groves High School is a really great place overall. There are a handful of teachers that aren’t great and the bathrooms are consitently dirty but in general the teachers and kids are decent.
So far, I’m having a great time at Groves! I'm learning and having fun at the same time every day. Plus, I feel well prepared mentally and physically for college and the real world. So attend Groves, not Seaholm.
Groves high school is located in a nice neighborhood in Birmingham Michigan. One of things that immediately come to mind thinking of this high school is it's diversity and amazing staff and facility.
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