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Of course every school has their downfalls, but overall, I loved my high school experience at Wylie E. Groves (Groves for short). The atmosphere of the school as a whole was a positive atmosphere. The administration team was helpful and always offered guidance to the best of their capabilities. The teachers want you to succeed, they aren't there to set you up to fail. The school spirit is high and overall, everyone gets along. I personally never felt any discrimination. The only thing I would change is how the funds for the athletic program gets dispersed, as it is clear that some teams receive more funds than others.
Teachers and staff really care about your success here. Teachers are always available during x-block, lunch, and after school and are overall extremely accessible. A wide range of AP and honors classes are offered as well as additional support for those who need it (tutoring every thursday etc.). There is also a very supportive environment for students with special needs through the LINKS club and other support services.
It's a good school, lots of great opportunities. The classes are often very good and there are a lot of amazing opportunities. But it's still high school, amirite?
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Wylie E Groves is an amazing high school with lots of clubs and opportunities for students to get involved.
Throughout my four years at Wylie E. Groves High School I experienced highs and lows, but I can say my overall experience was very good. There has not been one teacher that I did not like, the staff is very willing to help and be there for you. Questions are encouraged, which in my opinion is very important. The school is very clean and welcoming. The students there are for the most part respectful and diverse. Coming from a different middle school than the rest of the kids, it was a bit of a struggle. I acclimated quickly to the new people and school and it ended up being a good place to be.
I love the people at Groves, whether it’s the faculty, or the other students. The teaching styles are great and the environment is very accepting. The only thing I would critique is that the bathroom’s are never clean and it’s gross!
A decent environment, would be nice if it were a managed better by administration. Overall a good school considering that it is a public school and the area that it is in
I am going to be a high school senior this upcoming fall and I can tell you that Wylie E. Groves is a great place to be. First thing that I love about Groves is how welcoming they are to their freshman, they have a couple of mentoring programs that help freshman get settled in before they start their first day of school. Another thing about Groves is that there are so many after school clubs that anyone can be apart of. If there is only one thing about Groves is I believe that the Groves Counseling Department should have a better outreach program to their students.
I appreciated the opportunities I had while attending Groves, I feel most of my teachers did prepare me for college but I would like to see more open diversity.
I like Wylie E. because unlike other High Schools there are virtually no cliques or secluded groups. Basically anybody can be friends with anybody and it's always a really fun atmosphere around Homecoming.
What I liked about Groves High School were junior/senior privileges, x-block, and blended classes to give you preparation for college.
My experience at Wylie E. Groves High School has transformed me into the academically strong college student I am today. My transition to Groves brought upon a range of changes, however, while being at Groves I connected with my counselor, learned from outstanding teachers, developed lifelong friendships, received job opportunities, joined clubs, participated in community service, and became overall prepared for college and the work environment.
Initially, Groves curriculum was academically challenging for me, yet, Groves provided many opportunities that allowed me to reach the level of academic excellence I aspired to achieve. Throughout all four years at Groves I took advantage of going to lunch help and X-Block, where students came to school early, and received help from teachers . Eventually, I was inducted into the National Honor Society.
If there was anything that Groves could improve, it would be including more ways to enhance the diversity among students and faculty.
Groves is a great community for me. I love the people and the administration. There are teachers there who really care about their students and just will not let them fail. The counselors are the same way they want to see all of their students succeed and make it in life, and also their academics are great.
I liked the small community I found within the school, however the culture was draining for someone who possesses a marginalized identity. I felt that the academics were superb and I definitely felt college ready. I think the culture, diversity, and social aspects of a school is just as important.
I aboslutley love Groves. Everyone is so welcoming and the teachers are amazing. At Groves you have unlimited resources! From iPad carts to an endless collection of books you can always find what you're looking for. Our school traditions are super fun and they get everyone involved. The students at Groves make all the sports events a blast. Groves is an amazing community to be a part of.
Wylie E Groves High School is a unique institution that gives all students an opportunity to find their niche. There is an unparalleled focus on all enrichment. Of course, we had our typical Friday night football games but you don't need to be involved with or even like sports to thrive at this school. There is an activity for everyone, from the award winning theater department to the award winning student congress to the ever concerned green club to the enlightening GSA, there is something for everyone. The administration and staff are always willing to donate their time and efforts to school activities for an overall positive day to day atmosphere.
Groves is a amazing school. The teachers here are so awesome, they will help you get better on anything at anytime. In all my years here I have never had a bad teacher. The school also plans super awesome events a few times a year, like spirit week, charity week, etc. Staff and students put in a lot of time to set up these events and they are so much fun.
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I transferred to Groves in the middle of high school and it been easier than I expected. Teachers and Coaches have been incredibly nice and have gone out of their way help me get adjusted. The teachers and my Counselor are very, very good and I have been able to do well and get into a very college.
Groves is a safe place and a good place to learn. I feel accepted there and the teachers are great. I feel ready for college.
Wylie E groves High school has a high academic level. There is a lot of AP course offered.
The school has a lot of sports, clubs and activities for everyone.
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