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Wylie E. Groves High School Reviews

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Groves has an amazing administration! They are so friendly and really make an effort to bond with the students. The students at groves are very kind and very down to earth. Teachers are wonderful and are always willing to help a student before or after class or sometimes even during the teacher's lunch time. The cafeteria and media center/library just got redone and has a new comfortable and cleanly look to it.
Great faculty with a diverse school culture. There’s something for everyone with the vast amount of classes and clubs for a mere high school.
I just graduated groves the teachers are amazing, they care for all the students, there is a decent amount of diversity nothing crazy more than Seaholm by far.
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I had a great experience at Groves High School. I was involved in student government, National Honor Society, President of a freshmen mentoring organization and participated in several clubs. I felt like my voice was always heard at Groves because of my involvement in many organizations. However, many of my peers did not feel like they had the same opportunities that I did. The biggest problem at Groves is that students only have a voice if they are popular and are involved in lots of school activities. Because of this, many passionate voices remain unheard and don’t recieve the recognition that they deserve. Not every student is interested in sports or clubs, and they shouldn’t be punished for that by being ignored.
Groves was a great place to go to high school. It offered a large listing of AP courses and the teachers responsible for them did a great job preparing me for college.
The staff was very helpful & solved any problems you had. I was struggling acedemically, so I talk to my counselor to get on the right track for college. My teachers were available to help in the mornings, during lunch, and after school. I also went to the career counselor to help find the right college for me!
The academics are very good. Most teachers care a lot about students and ensure that each student is reaching their full potential. Theatre program is outstanding. School is unclean sometimes but is stiller cleaner than schools with less funding.
I'm quite happy here. Teachers are smart and most kids are decent. Some kids obviously don't care at all, but others put quite a bit of effort into the school. The classes are interesting and I'm quite impressed with all the courses offered.
I loved my four years at Groves! We have excellent teachers and counselors who can help students strive to be their best at any time.
The teachers are great, for the most part. A few that don't seem to treat students with respect, but that's true at most schools, I would guess. The students are mostly trapped in their own bubble and aren't very good at seeing outside of it, but the quality of education is good.
I liked the opportunity to take honors and AP classes. Groves had optional X-block (study hall) twice a week. It also had blended classes which gave me the opportunity to test out a college-type schedule. The opportunities to become involved in sports, music and art were great. Groves offered freshman, jv and varsity sports, as well as intramural sports. It also had special athletic events for students with disabilities. You could join the National Honors Society if you had good grades. There was also a small student-led group called Claim Your Campus. All types of groups and interests were represented by Groves' organizations. Groves also had a very diverse student body (about 30% white, 30% Jewish, 30 % black) which allowed me to learn from other people's perspectives. Overall, I would say that Groves gave me a rich high school experience.
My school is very diverse we have black, white, Mexican, latino, Native American, Indian, and many more. The students get along with each other very well we don't have any fights and safety is not an issue. We have security guards at every main entrance and we also have cameras in our parking lots and by the entrance doors. We have clubs within our school that allow students to be involved with to make sure their voices are heard. For example we have African Americans Change in Tomorow (AACT), Interact club, Women's Empowerment Club, Gay Straight Alliance, and many more.
I’m in my senior year attending Groves high school. My experience with the school was pretty straight forward. If I had to redo high school again would I select a different high school? Yes. could I bare to attend groves again? Of course. Overall Groves is a great education space, but socially for me it wasn’t the best, not that that’s what school is about. I wish It were more diverse in my undergrad years like it is now, and I also wish the school was more open to letting teens from other districts to attend festivities; that way we can be a diverse company and make things more diverse. Also, security could be a little more tighter; recently students from other high schools have been able to walk right into the school with intentions of picking fights.
The teachers and staff are great. They really seem to care and look for ways to do the best for their students. We have lota of options for extra cirriculars and clubs.
People expect Birmingham schools to be well kept, Groves has a lot of shortcomings. The bathrooms are disgusting, kids break mirrors and toilets. The building itself is getting old and coukd definitely use some updates.
Wylie E. Groves is an excellent school fit for anyone and all interest. There are over 50+ clubs and activities ranging from baseball and gymnastics to debate club and animal amnesty club! The teachers are extremely helpful and always have time outside of class to help students who are struggling. It's always fun to go to basketball or football games on Fridays nights! My advice: find your cliche, work hard, and have fun!
Of course every school has their downfalls, but overall, I loved my high school experience at Wylie E. Groves (Groves for short). The atmosphere of the school as a whole was a positive atmosphere. The administration team was helpful and always offered guidance to the best of their capabilities. The teachers want you to succeed, they aren't there to set you up to fail. The school spirit is high and overall, everyone gets along. I personally never felt any discrimination. The only thing I would change is how the funds for the athletic program gets dispersed, as it is clear that some teams receive more funds than others.
Teachers and staff really care about your success here. Teachers are always available during x-block, lunch, and after school and are overall extremely accessible. A wide range of AP and honors classes are offered as well as additional support for those who need it (tutoring every thursday etc.). There is also a very supportive environment for students with special needs through the LINKS club and other support services.
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It's a good school, lots of great opportunities. The classes are often very good and there are a lot of amazing opportunities. But it's still high school, amirite?
Wylie E Groves is an amazing high school with lots of clubs and opportunities for students to get involved.
Throughout my four years at Wylie E. Groves High School I experienced highs and lows, but I can say my overall experience was very good. There has not been one teacher that I did not like, the staff is very willing to help and be there for you. Questions are encouraged, which in my opinion is very important. The school is very clean and welcoming. The students there are for the most part respectful and diverse. Coming from a different middle school than the rest of the kids, it was a bit of a struggle. I acclimated quickly to the new people and school and it ended up being a good place to be.
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