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My experience at Worthing was great in many ways. The teachers are great and they show that they really care for us. The sports program’s spirit is above average and has potential. But there’s many changes need for our sports program. There’s not much diversity because the school is located in an area that houses mainly minorities, but at least we get the opportunity to learn about different cultures with the little diversity we have. We also have an excellent principal who turned a low tier school around and improved it in various ways. If I could go back in time, I’d most likely continue to be a Colt because my school built me into the young man I am today.
Worthing high school is a nice school that is moving at a high speed. The administration is fully evolved in the life on campus. Our teacher show a genuine sense of caring with the students.
Its not one of the best schools I've been to. Attending Worthing doesn't bring too many exciting experiences and the overall academics meets the minimum expectations. The school could use some improvements such as teachers, disciplinary action, and offer more opportunity for student body.
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worthing High school has a great college readiness program, every junior and senior has a chance to go to the college center and gather information about any colleges they have in mind. in the college center you apply right there in case you need any help and the admin makes sure you are in there until you are accepted to a good college. you can also go to the college center for advice or anything, the admin there care for the students well being and want to each student do great in school.
I like how they make sure that you are ready to take the next step into education after high school. The staff is always friendly to make sure that your are doing good in all of your classes and ask constantly about questions that you might have. Alot has changed through the recent years to make sure that Worthing is a good preparation for college. Students have also recently have gotten more serious about school now that the staff has gotten idea of how teens usually act. Worthing is located in the southside of Houston, maybe not the prettiest place but the school atmosphere feels as if you were in a big family reunion. I am proud to call worthing my high school and they are the ones that paved my way towards college.
My experience its different with how classes ate with and b days. Having work in the computer is diffrent.
Worthing has involved staff working together, pushing themselves and their students to be the best. Failure is not an option for the teacher or the students.
Worthing embraces the idea that ALL students can learn and they also build safe learning spaces for students. The school environment as a whole attracts teachers who are knowledgeable, care about student learning, and adapt their instruction to meet the needs of their learners.
It was a great experience for me I learned alot. It has given me the skills i need to be better student academically.
I liked that the staff was so caring and happy to see the senior succeed. One thing i would like to see change is the class timings
I would like to see a change in Worthing's atmosphere and educational opportunities. More hands on classes such as wood shop, cosmetology and culinary arts are needed to give students a wide variety in classes and expand choices in their future careers.
I am a new student at Worthing high school. I am a sophomore and i like it a little here. My other school, Pasadena memorial high school is a bit better. In this school i think it has strengthened my english, mathematics and principles of technologies.
I liked how the teachers were engaging in their best ways and how respectful they are. I'd like to see the behavior of most of the students change in a positive way.
I like that the teachers try their hardest to make a difference in the students lives. Also the teachers build relationships with students which makes everyone comfortable. I would like to see more fun activities and a lot more privileges.
I really will never forget this school - so many memories good and bad. I will miss my friends teachers and everyone I've came in contact with at worthing. Some teachers were like a second family and some I couldn't stand until I got to know them. I'm glad that I got to experience my sophomore, junior, and senior years at Worthing.
I like that the student were not racist and everyone get along, unlike how other people describes the student.People say " that school is the worst school but it actually is not. I would love to see some changing, like more study time and less talking.
I chose its great because of the teachers I have actually been I there classrooms during the school year. The teachers here actually care where we end up in life and career wise. They supports the students through academic and emotional support.
We need more up-to-date devices and more officers, However I attended the school 4 years ago. I am sure, that the school is in a much better situation.
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We have a vast majority of extracurricular activities and events on and off campus. Band, choir, football, basketball, track and field, Cheerleader, volleyball, LEGACY, GIVE, Honors conventions. STEM...
Parents are a very big part of student life. Whether some students know it or not. We love to see our parents at all functions.
My experience at Worthing High School was phenomenal. I actively participated in any and everything. I was in the Top 15%, National Honor Society, Most Athletic, Cheer Captain, Soccer Captain., I ran Track, Volleyball Captain my first year, Softball Co-Captain and Prom Queen. The teachers are very helpful and have great acknowledgment about the material. They go above and beyond to assist those that need help in various of areas. We created a GIVE program, to give back to our community. I really enjoyed my High School experience and I was thankful to be a part of the environment. Though it was in a urban area, inside those walls I felt safe, loved and the culture was very family oriented.
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