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Average high school. Administration isn't the best or most helpful, but they're fine. Principal is fun. Admin biased toward popular or athletic kids. Average classes and some really good teachers.
Woodstock High School is a very good school with teachers that care a lot about their students. While at Woodstock I was able to make many friends and able to do my best while in a classroom with teachers. I attended Woodstock for all 4 years of my high school career and loved every second of it.
Woodstock High School has the best school spirit and the best principal. The staff is so caring about each student.
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I thoroughly enjoyed my past 4 years at WHS. I feel as though I was able to take classes that challenged my academic abilities all while having time for my extracurriculars
Overall it’s a pretty good school, I can’t say anything generally good or bad about it. The stem program is becoming very good as it continues from nothing.
Several of the teachers really seem like they care about their students, but the school’s internet makes doing schoolwork difficult.
Woodstock High School has changed my life for the better. It has improved my academics, social skills, and level of hardwork. I never dread coming to school because of how great it is! Feels like home!
It's typically high school. Nothing to brag about. Im just ready to move on to my next phase in life. Its been a journey!!
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For a high school, I'd say this one is not one of the worst, but could be a lot better. This school consists of good and involved teachers for the most part and a challenging curriculum. This school takes pride in their academics and especially their sports, not focusing on investing as much money into a lot of the other extracurriculars and clubs; to each is own though, if you enjoy certain activities there are plenty of things to get involved in with dedicated members, just don't count of the school to be as invested or interested. The faculty is really strict on their rules making it a pretty safe high school to attend, but it seems that a lot of administrators are racist.
It has excellent academic potential for students. The only complaint given is the extensive amount of money requested from students, such as the $90 parking fee or the $90 cap and gown rental mandatory for graduation.
Overall, I felt fairly successful throughout my four years at Woodstock, but that would not have been possible without a few of the very important teachers I had.
This school does have opportunities, but they defined aren't coming hand over fist. The quality teachers are not helped by mediocre administrators and a rigid curriculum, especially at lower levels. Definition of a middling school.
Woodstock is a good school. Well rounded in academics and extra curricular programs. They have many ways to encourage and recognize students successes. School has a nice campus and is located in a safe area.
Great atmosphere, however, the teaching staff was not up to par. I found it difficult to make plans with teachers for assistance because they were always leaving the building early.
Woodstock High School is great! Get some good teachers and they will be by your side through all the challenges your child will go through. Yes, they are tough and strict, but they also understand your child's stresses.
In Woodstock High, we all connected as one big family. We have always had each others back whether we know that person well or not.
I love woodstock high school. The teachers are great. The principal is amazing and you always know that he cares about the school and always about you as an individual student. The textbooks are a bit old and resources can always be updated but that is common. Woodstock is a great environment and a very safe and welcoming school and community.
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teachers are the best thing about whs. Hands down. No question about it. Ask anyone and they will tell you I am right. With the exception of a few teachers, but other then that, the teachers are what makes it a great experience.
Overall, I believe Woodstock High School is a good school. The staff is very friendly and you can tell that majority of them genuinely love their jobs and want relationships with their students. I moved to GA my junior year and have attended Woodstock High School since and I love the people there along with the feeling of the school. I feel as if I have gotten a much better education and that my teachers have prepared me enough to further my education at a college level.
I met very few teachers who really cared about the students on the level that they should. I only ever formed a close bond with 2 teachers over the 4 years I was there. Teachers treat us like elementary kids, or act as if we don't know anything at all, while at the same time piling us with so much stress that nearly every kid frequently broke down in the halls or even in class.
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