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It doesn’t really feel like a high school. It’s overbearing at times and a bit bland. But they do care about us.
I have been in Woodruff High School for 3 years now, going on 4 years. This is not a bad school; however, they have the chance to become an amazing school if they gave students a little more freedom. At Woodruff, students do not have a chance to actually be how they are. Dress code and even teachers restrict students. This causes students to dislike Woodruff and causes resentment towards said school. I understand how dress code is trying to cause "distractions" but it's not allowing students to show their full potential. Things like piercings, tattoos, and shoulders are all allowed in the real world, so why not school? These piercings, tattoos, and overall accessories were chosen for a reason and they institute students personalities. By not allowing students to express their actual selves, the school is forcing them to stay with their standards. It is 2020. Woodruff needs change.
This school gave me hope hope that I thought I wouldn’t need. It gave me the full high school experience okay food great clubs to attend great sports and great attitude. It’s been a fun interesting ride. Without this school I probably would of been still unsure of what I want to be in life. This school gave me real meaning and that is strong minded,independent,and ready to work. But the only thing I didn’t like was that the school is very strict but other than that the school is a heck of a ride.
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I liked everything about Woodruff High School. I liked how the teachers always helped you when you needed help, and how they always challenged you to do your best. All the staff was amazing at taking care of all of us kids.
Woodruff High School is not just a school, it consists of a family. The faculty and staff at WHS provide a habitat for all types of learners. This environment allows students to adapt to different aspects of life and can learn in the best way for them. All the teachers make their students a priority. It is clearly shown through the educational opportunities and the love exhibited by the faculty that this school cares for their community. WHS not only provides an amazing academic experience to students but also teaches us everyday skills and helps prepare us for our future. There are several clubs and extracurricular activities available for many students. WHS is an awesome environment for academics and student life.
Woodruff is a great school that highly focuses on education and discipline. The teacher are caring and helpful.
Woodruff High School meets my highest standards. The faculty and staff are respectful and caring for the students. The The students are well-rounded, intelligent and full of school spirit. The school's safety remains with a resource officer at the front desk all day and intercoms with cameras at every door. I would absolutely be comfortable allowing my future children to attend Woodruff High School.
The teachers are very judgmental. The rules are externally strict. Students are not able to enjoy their high school.
I like how clean the school is and the size of the school makes it really easy for you to get to know everyone you go to school with. i would like to see change is their views on the 4-h i have tried several times to start at 4-h club but our principal keeps finding ways for us not to have one.
Woodruff High School needs to offer more elective courses to their students. As a student attending Woodruff, unless you are actively involved in sports there isn't much left for anyone else. I do appreciate the fact they allow students to attend a Career School such as RD Anderson.
Woodruff High School is a wonderful environment with excellent academics and an enthusiastic student population! This school is less for the creative and artistically ambitious, but it a place to thrive for the academic student or athlete who wants an environment to thrive in High School. This location will thoroughly prepare you for life beyond high school!
Woodruff was a good but strict schools. Most rules were put in place for good reasons but some can be ridiculous. (Such as getting a demerit for using the bathroom). Most teachers were okay and the students weren’t.
I liked my time at Woodruff, I think that overall it helped me get ready for college for a few reasons. The first reason is that the teachers really do generally care about you and your future and will do whatever they can to help you. The second reason is that students are aloud to go to RD Andersen which counts to college credit and can even let you work straight after high school.
I loved the teachers and staff. They made my 3 years extremely comfortable. The language department was very welcoming. They stuck to traditions but invited change. The dress code was influential to the quality of education. Woodruff encouraged diversity in all areas. They had many extra-curricular opportunities and a plethora of sport-based activities. The student body was well represented by the elected council. However, the student voice could be better listened to on daily school life. In areas of cellphone use, race relations, and school schedule. These less glamourous aspects of Woodruff are opposed with many other better things. Some of which are shown in our high ranked academics and our quality sports seasons.
Woodruff High School overall is an average school. The teachers are amazing. Academics are a big important part of this school, and the faculty overall is great.
I like how many teachers become more than educators - they become friends. I don't like how certain students are given special treatment because of their social status.
Woodruff High has been instrumental in my growth as a student and as a person. I feel like I have been well-provided for by this institution; they care about their students.
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Having attended WHS for four years, I have definitely had the opportunity to get to know the administration, teachers, parents, and students within this close-knit community. Sure, Woodruff has its ups and downs like any other school, but I know that I am academically prepared for college, and that's really all that matters.
Students with desires to learn more should be treated more fairly at this school. While they have taken steps towards this goal, it must go further to recognize these advanced students as equals to the student body.
Overall I enjoyed my time at Woodruff High School due to the emphasis on college preparation. The teachers here expect you to be diligent and do your work, which holds you to a high standard. However, I would like to see change in the IT department as our school has blocked numerous resources from student hands. I have been unable to properly research a topic because it is seen as inappropriate.
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