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Woodland High School is a school in Randolph County Al. When you walk in the hallways you'll know right then it feels like home and there's no place like home. Our community stood strong for many years and it's a blessing to having loving peers and teachers like we have. We have teachers that take time with each student to make sure we understand what we have going on in that particular class and if we don't, they allow extra help after school hours. We are a supportive school and we'll always support our Woodland Bobcats. There isn't much I'd change about Woodland, except more reading and math skills to get prepared for SAT/ACT. A new student comes in, we welcome them and be kind and same with all the teachers. I love my community and our school. Once a bobcat, always a bobcat.
Throughout my years of being enrolled at Woodland High School I have made many friends with other students and teachers. I have learned many things and have wished to learn more. I would like for the school to help get the students more prepared for college and help students prepare for their future better.
Woodland High School is located in a very small, quiet town. The school is the heart of the town. The whole town with gather for various events put on by the school, but especially on Friday nights in the fall to watch some Woodland Bobcat Football! I spent some of the best years of my life in this school. Pep rallies, prayer breakfasts, field trips, and so many more memories will always hold a special place in my heart. Student involvement in clubs and activities was very important. Teachers were always supportive of their students whether it be in the classroom, on the field, on the court, and life in general. No matter what was going on in a highschool student's life, they would always know someone was routing for them.
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I loved how everyone were friends and how small the classes were, the academics could be better. School spirit was low also, sports teams could use for support
Woodland High School is a pretty decent school, considering it is very small and out in the country. The school has a very welcoming environment.
I attend a small rural school in a small town called Woodland . Woodland High School goes from the 6th grade to the 12th grade school. The elementary school goes from Pre-K to 5th grade and is on the same campus with the high school. I like attending a small school in a small community. I had a chance to personally know most of my classmates and have friends in all grades. The teachers knew us personally and went out of their way to help make sure we succeeded. I knew that they cared about us not just as students, but as people. The community also supported us in sports and fund raisers. Our school was more that just the people attending. It was the community and alumni that still considered themselves apart of our school. Our school felt like a family.
Woodland High School is a very community active and student involved facility. I like the atmosphere of the school and the support system from the administration and staff. I would like to see more parent involvement taking place as we move forward.
Small class sizes are a huge benefit; would like some better diversity though. All in all, It’s a great school system
I love the friendliness of the teachers and students. The teachers become your friends, considering you have them for two years at a time. When you leave, it becomes like you've lost your best friend.
Woodland has been supportive at times, but at other times I have struggled to receive the assistance I needed.
I think that Woodland High School has done a good job at preparing me for my future college experiences. The faculty and staff are very supportive and are ready to help when needed. I believe that Woodland High School would be even better if they received more funding. The biggest problems our school has is old facilities. We recently received a new lunchroom which is great, but we do tend to have problems with birds getting into the ceilings. The biggest thing Woodland High School could improve in is its technology. As of now, there are not enough computers for the high school to share.
Everyday there is room for improvement
There is always room for improvement
the food was better before the new meal plans
Some teachers are very devoted and push the students
Our sports programs take up alot of time.
Athletics is strongly supported here.
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It's a very small school so everyone gets along.
If it weren't for the basketball team I would've moved.
We have a few clubs like FCCLA that stays after school but other than that my school doesn't offer much. Most students are involved in sports. The students who aren't involved in sports really don't have anything offered to them.
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