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I have attended Woodcrest Christian for all 13 years, and as I get ready to graduate, I realize how valuable this school has been. The teachers genuinely care about students, and take time outside of class to know us. They will gladly drop everything and help us, whether with school or a personal issue. There are almost endless ways to get involved, whether in a club, on our fantastic athletic teams, our renowned drama department, or an international spring break missions trip! The Christian influence is priceless and has shaped who I am as a person. But, the students definitely don’t fit the “weird private school kid” stereotype! We are a student body of diverse interests, character traits, talents and gifts, and perspectives. I recommend that everyone sends their child here if they are able. Never once have I felt that I missed out on the “American public high school experience.”
Great place for students to grasp the importance of a good education, especially if they plan to attend college! The teachers are available to help in any way they can. I would recommend it!
It provides a great faith based environment college prep environment. Has a wide variety of classes you can take from performing arts to general education. It has many sports team to be apart of. You can start in Kindergarten and attend until 12th grade. It provides a safe campus and well mannered students.
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I am a lifer at Woodcrest Christian which means that I have attended from Kindergarten through my senior year. Every teacher has truly cared about me. I feel extremely prepared for my next journey as a college student.
This is a great school, excellent School Culture, teachers and faculty are very friendly and caring. Academically very strong! As parents of prospective student, I visited school twice, very impressed by what I saw and learned there!
The right school to send your children .
This is such a good school, wonderful school culture, school provides good learning environment , not only academically strong, but also teaches students good moral and principles. It is a right place for parents to send their children for good education.
This is a great school with academics that challenge students to grow! There are also many extracurricular opportunities for students to participate in, with an inclusive, fun environment. It is also a very safe gated campus. I would highly recommend applying for any ambitious students in the area!
I have a international student at Woodcrest, it’s a wonderful school with amazing staff. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful school teaching biblical principles in Riverside.
It was a good experience overall but there are definitely things they can work on. Academically I was well prepared for college but there a was a lot of work given that was just busy work and was not effective of students’ time.
My time at Woodcrest can be highlighted by the small but close friend group I made and the wonderful memories that the teachers gave me in class. The main thing I wished to see change was the "disciplinary" actions (they mainly use suspension and lunch-time clean up as punishments for just about everything) and the types of foods sold in the Grub Hub.
I have enjoyed every single year I have spent at woodcrest. The teachers genuinely care about the students, and take time to know them personally inside and outside of class. The numerous ways to get involved in campus life develop a student body that is close and connected regardless of race, income, beliefs, and grade. The Christian education is priceless and greatly prepared me for college life to come.
Throughout my time at school, Woodcrest has had a positive impact on me. The education is a lot better compared to most schools. Since it is a college prep school, Woodcrest has pushed me to work harder and I have gained so much knowledge from the years I have been there. Furthermore, everything that I learned from Woodcrest has well prepared me for college. I am grateful to go into college having a good foundation from Woodcrest. Overall, Woodcrest is a wonderful school and out of all the other schools in the world I could have gone to, I am thankful to God and my parents for placing me at Woodcrest Christian.
I have felt a warm environment of people who care that I succeed in my academic pursuits. I know I can be challenged to work my hardest here. Although the homework load is hefty, I enjoy the ability to learn.
This is an amazing school rooting in Biblical teachings, community and difficult academics. I feel more than prepared for college and life after college because of my experience at Woodcrest.
I feel truly prepared for college because of my WCHS education. I feel especially prepared in the are of research papers. I would like to see my school embrace technology more and offer a class that teaches life skills like how to manage money.
I really enjoy the academic rigor that the school has to offer. It challenges students to think critically and learn more in depth about the subjects being taught. I wish to see more diversity in the classes but overall this is a wonderful school to attend.
I enjoyed going to this high school very much. for all my life I was enrolled in private schools and that is all that I knew. once I entered high school I begged my parents to put me into a public school so I could get the experience but they did not. I am actually very thankful for this because of the small family like community and the fact all the teachers were there to help you accomplish everything to the best of your ability.
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I LOVE WCS!! I feel at home here. The campus is beautiful, and we are given countless opportunities to succeed. The only thing I would like to see change is the fact that some of the staff can be a little rude at times.
Woodcrest has been an awesome place for me. The academics are top notch and the teachers are very knowledgeable. It is a safe environment and fosters community. I am so glad I have spent my Senior year and Woodcrest.
It is an amazing school. I am on my 3rd year in college now and this school has done an incredible job at preparing their students. College has been such an easy experience because of the tools that I have received from them. The teachers and facility on this campus are more than just you class teachers, they care about each and every student, going above and beyond for them. Students are challenged by the the classes to teach them in a way that will get them ready to be in a college course. They offer a wide variety or sports where they are able to really understand what teamwork is. The loving culture of the school really allows you to find some of your life long friends.
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