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I had great wonderful teachers that really cared about me, even outside school times. Each class was God-centered and prepared me for my walk with Christ.
I am a former alum and now have 3 kids in the school. Woodcrest teachers and staff have a true love and dedication to teaching each student and equipping them for the next phase of their lives. The school is a true partner to parents in raising children with a biblical worldview
After the 2019/2020 school year, our two kids will have graduated from WBA after attending since K4. Both have loved their time at WBA, from the teachers, to the classes, to their friends. It's such a caring, Christ-centered environment where kids can thrive. We highly recommend Woodcrest!
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The class sizes are nice, there is a great student to teacher ratio. The teachers made even the homework easy to deal with. They really get to know each student on a persona level.
The atmosphere and closeness of everyone was good to have everyday at school. I looked forward to going to school everyday and I will miss the school a lot. The teachers not only cared about your grades but also cared about their students as an individual.
All of the teachers are phenomenal and are wonderful Godly examples. They truly want to get to know each student on a personal level and the small class sizes make that possible. Academically, the teachers want each person to thrive and will give up theur free time to help students understand. If a student wants, they can be involved in almost any activity offered that they wish because of the small school size. I went to this school for my entire school experience besides college and am so thankful!
Woodcrest is a very safe school, and there are very few issues about bullying. Woodcrest does not have a school nurse, or health programs because of the school's size. I believe the school is very safe, for Woodcrest tries to update their safety services whenever they can.
There are no food services at this school.
Teachers are the best part about Woodcrest. It is fun to learn in class, and they keep us interested. If you need help, or have a question, they will go out of their way to help in whatever way that they can. They all are very qualified, and teach their subjects well.
Woodcrest is a great Christian school. Even though it is a very small school, I did not feel that it lacked in academics. Because of less students, each teacher knows everyone, and it seems like a big family at Woodcrest. Sports are easy to get into, band is fun, and everyone joins choir. There are some things that I would change about Woodcrest, but I am satisfied with my schooling.
There are not many after school opportunities except for sports. There is daycare for the younger kids.
Each year, Woodcrest does their best to update their technology. Because of its small size, there are not many college prep resources or tutoring, but each teacher is willing to help students with tutoring.
Because Woodcrest is a small school, there are not very many athletic fitness opportunities available. P.E. is required for all students at Woodcrest but there are four sports for students to get involved in. Girls have a choice of playing volleyball or basketball. Boys have a choice of playing soccer, basketball, or baseball. The school spirit is strong, and we have very qualified coaches for each team.
Most of Woodcrest's school policies are based on Biblical principles. The dress code that Woodcrest enforces is for the sake of modesty. All girls have to wear skirts, and loose fitting blouses. All boys have to pants and a collared shirt. The principal is very involved in school, and in fact, most students speak to him on a daily basis. Bullying is not allowed. If you miss more than 15 days in a semester, you are required to retake the semester unless you have a good reason.
It is the best education that a small Christian school can offer. All the teachers are very knowledgeable in their subjects, and most graduates are prepared for college. For a small school, Woodcrest has security cameras, locked doors, and an emergency contact system. All visitors are required to check into the office before entering. I feel very safe here. Because of the small faculty, only a few electives are available, but that is to be expected of a small school. Teachers are very encouraging, and often challenge us. I would recommend Woodcrest if you want to be in a small class setting, and want high academics. The curriculum is Christian based, and our teachers love using the curriculum. The workload is reasonable. If you do all of your homework, complete it on time, and do your best, you will do fine at Woodcrest. There are limited special study options, and our most popular class is History.
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