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Woodbridge Middle School Reviews

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school is overall great!
I learned many new things here, and my teachers supported me 100%!
many people writing reviews here see it as a bad school, but I disagree. somebody once said in their review that the halls were always silent, and they didn't get any fun. I disagree. the halls are crowded, so why wouldn't there be any noise? This school is also the number 1 best school in the area, so i wouldn't understand why people would think so bad of it. The teachers there are extremely fun too !
free time is included, rewards are included, all you have to do is just work hard! This shows that the school is trying to motivate you into teaching your goal! Overall, this school is amazing, and I wouldn't want to he in any other middle school in the area if I had to
WMS is a really great school!
Sometimes I feel people forget that we have the choice to choice if we want a same gender course or a co-ed course, and then get all salty about it
But overall, WMS is a fun place and environment to be at, of course, there's always something stirring up but it sometimes gets resolved and other than that, everything is awesome!
My child goes home everyday to tell me what a great day he had at school, he says his teachers are understanding and praise him and the class for the work they get done and their grades, this school is truly amazing.
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If you want an okay school, have lots of patience, deal with being mistreated because of you, and be respectful to your mentors even though your wrong, you might be able to NOT hate this place.
WMS gives options with their coed and same gender program. The faculty is young and eager to make a difference!!
Woodbridge Middle school has a very good core of teachers and staff. The facility is well kept and very clean.
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