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I really like the education system. The (most) teachers are really flexible and cooperative to student's needs and situations. Wish the school was more diverse though.
I liked the community at Woodbridge High School. They provide a comfortable and safe community for all students. The teachers had your best interest at heart and make sure you are getting the best education possible.
Throughout my fours years at this high school, I can say that it was very welcoming. Bullying and mistreatment of other students was not allowed. Because of this, I always felt comfortable here.
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Great education, a wide range of classes available, dedicated teachers, very animated sports fans and inclusive students of all kinds.
There are a lot of activities ans clubs to join. Many resources of help for any class in particular. The other students are very outgoing and nice so its a pretty friendly environment. Lots of variety in classes or electives for anyone theres always an interest, since its wide variety. The sports games are incredible are school has really talented athletes, the games are pretty fun since are school usually wins and the school spirit is so so great.
it's a good school. The technology is starting to improve and the staff is very nice. We have a great band and marching band. we have a ton of school spirte pre-rallys are fun.
Some teachers and administrators are very involved and genuinely care about their students. The facilities are good and the school is well-equipped. There are many art-related activities and school events that are fun to attend to.
Woodbridge high school is a great school. I would recommend this school to any one and am glad to be an alum.
I loved Woodbridge. They were very welcoming and I loved the atmosphere that they created. The teachers were very kind and tailored their teaching to the students. My favorite things about Woodbridge were the pep rallies and football games. The school spirit and morale is always high.
This school is pretty good and not at all as bad as people say it is. I suggest you give this school a chance. I for one had a swell time at this school and will cherish the experiences I had.
The teachers were very knowledgeable and cared for the academic success of the students. The school lunches for Prince William Country is not optimal and should be fixed in general.
While many teachers care they are overwhelmed. There is great focus on sports more so than academics. Almost if not more than 3k students in attendance.
I absolutely love school and I love how I can see many different cultures and groups of people in one school. I love how the school has all these programs and clubs that cater to everyone there. It is the typical high school, with cliques and rude teachers, but there are some teachers that should reconsider their teaching habits. There are certain teachers that have the whole class failing or struggling just to get a B. Many make it hard for students to either bring up or maintain their GPAs. The student body isn't that diverse as they promote it. The same people of the same clique always run for the same positions and anyone who runs against them will surely lose. To me, the school could touch upon some ethnic tactics and start to include all sorts of ethnicities in lead positions and encourage those who need to be.
All of the teachers are loving and caring. They go out of their way to accommodate their students meanwhile maintaining a high class average. The diversity is comforting. The teachers will bend over backwards to help the mental health of their students. The school takes care of each of their students very much. I have, personally, never felt unsafe while in the building.
Woodbridge High School not only provides students with the classes they need for their futures, but it also allows students to communicate and receive assistance from its faculty whenever they need help.
I like that Woodbridge is a very diverse school full of opportunities for every student. The teachers and staff want to see students grow, and they support them in doing so. There are many ways for students to get involved in new activities while getting an education.
The teachers themselves are amazing. All of the teachers I had, save a couple, seemed to genuinely care for the student. I had several teachers who didn't mind so much that their students weren't getting stellar grades so long as the student was putting in their best effort. Almost all of the faculty is very easy to approach. The principal is amazing and goes to every single home-game for every sport. I also really appreciated the traditions that Woodbridge Senior High School has. Everything from Spirit Week and Homecoming to the dances and even the Seniors-only game of 'Assassin'. I only fault the school for the county's approach to the curriculum, standardized testing, and overall lack of effort. It's not the WSHS' fault, but it still is a factor.
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I was able to attend Woodbridge High school all 4 years. Every staff member cared deeply about each student. Each teacher brought a new experience because of the passion they had for the subjects that are taught. All student have to opportunity to get involved and be apart of the community. When effort is put into an education, student are able to effectively expand their knowledge and education. This can be seen at Woodbridge high school. Administration are dependable and want to help every student in the way that they need. Woodbridge High school offers all kinds of programs to help each student to be able to effectively learn and grow. Woodbridge High school is a place where all student can learn in a safe place and know that their opinions matter. Woodbridge High school also has many sports and clubs that students can join and be apart of. Each student has to chose to have a great experience in high school by being apart of things and trying their best in class.
The school is quite large. I did enjoy it, had a few good friends; Teachers, liked some, others heck no!!
I loved how diverse our school was. There was a place for everybody, whatever you had interest in- there was some type of club for you. The four years go by so quick that you never realize how much you miss it until you're gone.
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