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Wood River Rural High School Reviews

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i like that the teachers don’t act like they’re superior to you. as soon as you walk in, you can tell that they really care. the lunch program leaves something to be desired, but it’s nothing a few modifications couldn’t fix. the music program is also very supportive of new students and very accepting to everyone.
Wood River has a great education system. The teachers care a lot about the students, and the students care about their learning. The diversity is well rounded. Also, the school is very safe and clean.
Overall, this high school is very nice. The faculty members as well as community members try to make it as nice as they possibly can. They keep it clean, they keep it new, and they try to get all involved. With numerous sports and organizations to choose from, everyone can feel involved in some way, shape, or form. The teachers do their best to get the students on the right track and succeed in life. This is an accommodating school that welcomes diversity and community.
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I had a great experience at Wood River Rural High School. The teachers and administration are excellent. They definitely get you ready for college.
My experience at Wood River Rural High School has been great. The teachers and staff are really nice and care about everyone here. The things that need to change are the bathrooms. But overall Wood River is a great school to go too.
First and foremost, my experience at wood River high school have been unforgettable. I remember arriving as fifth grader, not knowing a single word in english. Yet, teachers were always working extra hours to make my dream of learning English come true. Throughout my 6 years of attending at Wood River high school, one of the things that I have liked is the way teachers make sure you learn the lessons properly. They are always making sure you are working hard and believe that you can do better. Additonally, one of the things that I like about this school is that it has given me the most help throughout the years and have taught me that there is nothing impossible. Truthfully, if I were to see something change about this school it would be food. They should put more choices and not just a couple, because not everyone has the same taste in food.
It's a small school and everybody knows everybody
Wood River Rural High School has great teachers and a good learning environment.
Student involvement in games is the best thing
Teachers at this school do everything they can.
Each club does activities to help raise money.
They are really great to be in, really fun
The classes at this school aren't the hardest classes around. It's easy to get an A if you study and work hard. The teachers are knowledgeable and they know what they are talking about. They get along with the students and are willing to help them out.
We have the best facilities in the area I believe. The guidance counselor is very helpful in everything she does. All students have iPads for their school work. Parents do get involved and do support the kids here.
At this school, everyone feels safe. We don't worry about fights breaking out or threats being yelled out at kids. During the winter, flu season does get the best of us and it spreads through the school. The school nurse is helpful in treating kids and getting them the right medicine.
Teachers and administration are very willing to help you. We have a very capable counselor who is willing to help every kid get what they need. The teachers are friendly and get along with most of the kids. Bullying is not much of a problem here. No radical kids try to push the dress code, most kids obey the rules put in front of them.
Most kids can get along with each other, but there are still cliques. There's still gossip here, but there isn't hardcore, life-ruining bullying here like there might be at other schools
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Food is not of great quality and many kids complain
It has been a fun and exciting four years of school
Our school has the best facilities in the conference
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