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Wolfe County High School Reviews

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Wolfe County High School has great academics, teachers, safety, and sports. They focus on academics and sports. They always push for you to push yourself and make the most of your life. The diversity at the school is close to none with about 98% white. The school does not have much money so there is almost nothing besides the gym, cafeteria, and track.
I had the opportunity to meet new people, take CNA classes, and take college classes. Taking these classes opened up my doors to many choices and responsibilities, which, taught me very valuable life lessons.
Wolfe County School Systems is unlike any other. The teachers and staff are more than involved. They truly and deeply care about each and every student.
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I like that Wolfe County High School is small and all the teachers seem to care about their students! If I could change anything it would be that that get more resources and better lunch.
The teachers pick favorites a lot. As do the principle and assistant principle. I like that we don’t have a dress code and that we have so many different activities for the students to participate in. However, the school spends way too much money on the basket ball team. Every year the team gets a new set of jerseys, new shoes, they buy lights and sound systems to ensure that our team has a “grand” entrance. Meanwhile, the band that they so desperately want to have in the pep section has no funds. At all. The school never helps to get instruments or to repair the broken ones. The color guard has no place to practice because they will not give us the gym, because the basket ball team need to practice. I also think that some of the teachers are not fit for the bill. They simply don’t teach. Out of all three of the math teachers at WCHS only one of them has ever taught me anything. And I have had them all. Each for a year. And two of them were incapable of teaching me.
This school is in a poverty stricken area, besides the lack of money our school... is one of the best in Eastern Kentucky and by far the most academically achieved schools.
Not a lot to choose from.
Very rural. Drugs are a big part of whole county.

If not from here. You don't fit in if a good kid.
Unless you're in sports.

Forget it
If you're not from this county. You don't have a chance.
Some teachers are like the a majority of the students here. Just graduate no matter what.

Most students in this area will do nothing & just use government assistance as usual.

Makes it hard on the serious students & their working parents.
My experience at the school hasn't been so great. I don't have time to make very many friends from working a job and trying to keep my grades up. Our school system don't have very much structure on controlling some kids that go there
The teachers at Wolfe County High School are very caring to there students ,but will sometimes pick their favorites and leave the struggling students hanging. Some teachers with grade you by your test instead of effort.
This school should be monitored weekly.
Some teachers do better than others. Dan Combs IS the best teacher there, he is and English teacher. Some teachers try hard to teach everything we should know, others expect you to know it.
Most people are poor and from the community. Sometimes you'll get a student from a surrounding county or a children's home.
The policies on visitors and people leaving is serious. Bullying goes on and will usually end in another kid sticking up for another one. Fights do happen but we don't have gangs. There is a nurse that goes back and forth to the middle and high school.
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My favorite and best times in this school was cheer leading. It gave me something to look forward to and strive to be good at. The way you feel like you could never be the best unless you are somebody is a bad feeling. FFA was also good field trips and fun competitions.
The lunch ladies do try to do there best. But school food isn't good, they are very healthy options and some snacks. For a free lunch it is decent.
Some students get away with more if they are students children or there parents have a big name in the county. Sometimes the over react about some situations but over all they handle discipline average.
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