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Wissahickon Senior High School Reviews

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It’s terrible. It doesn’t help people who are being bullied or are suicidal. The teachers don’t even try to help kids with learning difficulties. They all pick favorites and treat the others like trash. None of the kids like it there, and the teachers don’t make it any better. The things that this school does is idiotic in every way possible. The food they serve is bad too. One time I got a chicken sandwich and it was half raw. The news had to come several times because of how crazy it is here kids are getting threatened and random people from the streets and drugged up are walking in without security noticing. Some of the teachers are cool and nice because they understand us. If someone curses, all hell breaks loose. If someone says that they’ll commit suicide, they won’t care. In conclusion, wiss sucks.
Wiss is a really good school education-wise. However, many of the teachers should never have been hired. They barely do their jobs and their classes are incredibly difficult because of their lack of effort. Other teachers are absolutely fantastic. I have made many great relationships with my teachers over the years attending Wiss, and I praise the school on their ability to pick SOME teachers.
Wissahickon High School is a very good school which offers so many different chances for a student to become successful in high school. There are great and helpful teachers who love helping students come up with a game-plan for their futures. Lots of different clubs are offered for students to join in which they enjoy being part of. Student Councils come up with awesome and fun events for the year to make Wissahickon school spirit.
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Wissahickon HS is a great school. There are many dedicated, loving teachers and many amazing classes for students to take.
Go Trojans!!!
Great school with great opportunities and resources but as a new student felt out of place. Was the only person of my race in a lot of my more rigorous classes so I had a hard time fitting in. Besides that the activities and people there made it a great experience for my 2 years going there (so far).
I liked the diversity of the school-most schools aren't that diverse. What I would like to change would be the schedule; it's a little confusing especially for new students.
A few teachers are exceptional; very helpful, knowledgeable, patient, understanding. A couple teachers seem like they hate their job (and the kids they teach). WHS is a pretty rich high school compared to some others in the area, and overall the students do fairly well on standardized exams. The facilities could be improved. Administration could do a better job regarding conflict between students in school and finding solutions to problems in general.
Teachers care about their students futures. Good AP classes and courses offered. Few events hosted by the school besides sporting events. Several languages offered. Great technical school programs.
While this school may boast high scores, student life is sacrificed for it. While I am only rounding out my freshman year, the mental health checks I was promised by my guidance counselor were nonexistent. Every single club I've joined takes a backseat to important tests and studying. All in all, if you have anxiety (like me), don't expect to be living with anything less than intense, constant stress.
The academics cover a broad range of levels and subjects. There is an advanced gifted and AP program, and most teachers are very competent and willing to give extra support.
The teachers at this school are phenomenal. They genuinely care for their students' success and want to see development in each of their students. However, the school environment is extremely competitive. This is good because it pushes students to do better, but it is also bad because stress tends to run high in high-achieving students.
Pretty good, but needs t update their technology. Spending 20 million on a pool is stupid. Some of the people here are trashy. Yell in the hallways.
I think there is a wonderful teaching staff that thoroughly prepares us for college and the variety of activities open to the student body gives the students a wide range of choices that match their interests. I think some of the things that could be improved are the school spirit as most students do not fully participate in or understand the value of the pep rallies and having pride for our school. I also think that it is important for those in authority to listen to the different ideas and thoughts that the students have, and make that a priority over what makes the school look pleasing to people on the outside. For example, for the Walk Out on March 14th 2018, I believe it would have been better to let the students lead the walkout with any kind of posters or signs that they felt were necessary and allow them to express their first amendment rights of freedom of speech to speak for those whose lives were taken by a weapon that is easier to obtain than a fishing license.
I am currently a senior at this school. My overall experience has been good. Lots of opportunities have came my way, from internships to being in the student leadership program. I really would not change anything about my school.
Wissahickon High School is an all-around excellent high school in terms of academics. The teachers, classes, curriculum, etc. are all top-notch and have been known statewide, and even nationwide, for efficiently preparing their students for college. However, the school does have some downsides. For one, despite adding a brand new pool, some parts of the school are in bad physical shape. Wissahickon often has problems with poorly-kept bathrooms, cockroaches, and even sometimes rats in the hallways. On top of that, the overall school spirit of Wissahickon is often seen as poor as well. Those two aspects notwithstanding, though, Wissahickon is a good-quality institution.
Wissahickon is a great school. It has every club or activity that you could imagine. It has also been awarded many awards by the state of Pennsylvania. However, since being given those awards, WHS has been putting so much emphasis on academics, that it is very hard to be well-rounded, which is what colleges are looking for.
The teachers are spectacular! However, the school itself could use some renovations as it is very old.
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I would have liked to have seen more interest in students who did not want to go to college right away. When all of my peers were going through the college application process, I was talking to military recruiters because I did not want to go to college right away. I felt alone in this process because my guidance counselor did not help me in any way through this, she was more concerned with the kids going to college.
Great school! Has courses for any interest, as well as a variety of clubs and activities. So many great ways to get involved and meet fellow class mates.
Wiss is a great school! I received an excellent education and am very prepared for college. The teachers were extremely helpful and knowledgeable.
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