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Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong Learning Reviews

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The teachers helped me with a lot activities and helped me stay focused no matter what. By attending Wisconsin conservatory of lifelong learning they helped me become a better person and Persue my dreams. Things that could be better is that they could have a little more opportunities for the students to be successful.
I have been attending Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong Learning since sixth grade. The teachers and principals always tried to make me feel as welcome as possible. Sometimes I felt deprived of my education when students began to misbehave and the teachers did little to discipline them. It was hard to focus with much commotion going on around you. I am now a senior at Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong Learning and I can say the school has improved behavior and academic wise.
I love the teachers but some of the students don't have self control. I enjoyed working with some of the staff members. The student environment was challenging to succeed academically.
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My first 2 years at W.C.L.L have been bitter sweet. It has been times where things happened, but some how the people here have found ways to have my back and help me through it.
What I like about my school is that the teachers here is nice and helpful. Its very organized and the best school i ever went to. My peers encourage me to play sports, like football and being a manager for my school basketball team.
I've been at this school since the first grade. Our school was located in greenfield if I can recall in the south side. My experiences there, I can say was my best years. With all the programs we had, field trips, teachers, students, and many more, I truly enjoyed my time there. As I made friends, learning, surrounding myself with those who took school serious, it just made me feel that going to school was all worth my time. To rate this school now that it's in the north side, I can say we failed to succeed many things. I can see the struggles teachers go through to teach students, the way students are not taking school serious, it then comes to a point where I myself do have that thought of giving up, but I believe that I'll make it through the days not allowing those negativity bring me down. I believe this school can better itself if we allowed those who wants an education rather then coming got school for friends.
My experience is very well known at my school, and i feel that they need to get more academics and kids involved in activities.
The teachers are the only thing that makes this school good. They truly care about their student's education.
The problem is that the students do not wish to learn anything and dumb themselves down. When that happens, the students like to blame the teachers for a lack of job effort. This does not work, the students need to change
Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong learning was a great experience in many ways. When i first started i felt high school wasn't for me but the staff and Counselors never give up on me. That gave me more confidence in myself, also made me strive harder to reach my goals. This school gave me an opportunity to come here, be myself and put my on the road to graduate. I feel welcomed and its like a family here, people really care about your success and gives you more faith in yourself, they will push you but you have to be willing to do it yourself also i enjoyed every year i spent here and i had no regrets coming. If i didn't come to this school i probably wouldn't be in the position i'm in now.
Kids like to bully and over all they find everything to fight and argue about.
When it comes to my school many people will have different views but, overall its not a bad school. There are some students here that are bad but at the end of the day the school is overall good.
If I could choose schools all over again, I wouldn't choose Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong Learning. We barely have any opportunities here.
They give you all the necessary things to graduate on time. Help is always there when you need it. It provides all the same activities and teaching every other school can provide. It can be just as fun and great.
I have met all of the greatest teachers ever. They each take their teaching seriously and each with their own unique way of teaching. They all give respect to their students and communicate very well with other students. The teachers make time, room and space for other students if they need help.
Not a lot but still great for a learning environment.
Students bring trouble to the school from outside.
Teachers are great with student guidance when needed.
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Student council, yearbook committee, Asian Club
The foods are very good but just little tick off when it come to healthy.
The teacher will give you enough works to understand what you are learning.
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