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I love how close and nice everyone is but the school is falling apart the food is horrible academically we suck and we are extremely underfunded
I have been here for my whole life and have been able to manage all my work with sports. I dont usually eat lunch at school but if i do its not too bad
Wiscasset is a nice school, a very relaxed environment. The teachers are nice and enjoy their job. The classes are small and allow for a lot of one-on-one time getting help if you need it.
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Although Wiscasset isn't the best for opportunities due to it's small size, the attention it offers and interesting social dynamic more than make up for it. Since it's so small virtually everyone is friends and cliques are at a minimum which is nice.
I came into this school from a much larger and non rural area school. So my view is very different from someone who lived in Wiscasset,ME their whole life. Although from many of the kids I had talked to they had said they wished we had more options for things such as the foods, sports, and clubs. I also found that since we have special needs kids at the high school I went to was that bullying was an issue even when addressed. I saw it on a daily basis and did my best to bring it up to the school or stop it myself to help stop it. The food, was terrible. Everytime I ate it I gained weight. The only thing stopping me from not gaining a ton back was the two gym classes I took. Overall, I would say it's an okay school. It could use improvement but I would like to say a step up from most schools because the teachers are more focused on the kids and are more helpful than other schools I had gone to.
All of the resource that we have are the best. The facilities are kept up to date and clean. We always have access to technology, we are given IPad for our school work. Our guidance counselor is very sweet and willing to work with you. We have a tone of college prep resources it is not a process that you need to go through alone. You can reserve tutoring if you ask for it. The bus transpertaion is reliable.
The health and safety polices in my school a great. Teenagers make mistakes and they may drink or do drugs, but that is not tolerated on the school campus because of campus the school has not othority over the students.
The student population is okay. They are not the greatest because they are teenagers and make mistakes. But they are willing to exept people the way that they are.
We have the best teachers. They are always willing to help and if you are having trouble understanding somthing then they will try explaining it differently. The teachers are always willing to talk to you about somthing on a test, quiz, or class worksheet. You never feel unconfertable around them.
I have great academics because we cover a lot of things in classes and our grading is on a higher scale that the rest of the state. This means that kids have to work very hard to get passing grades. We hate it while we are in school, but I'm sure that we will be grateful when we get into college.
We do not have many other extracurricular activities other than sports, but the ones that we do have are great. We have the drama club, the video club, the Civil Rights/GSA group, the art club, and the news club. For the size of our school that plus sports take up almost all of the students. These clubs are always able to do somthing in the school or go on a trip.
I have heard from my friends that the couches aren't the best, but they still play because they love the sport that they are playing. We have relitivly good equipment, it has some age on it, but isn't bad. I think that the school does the best that they can given our circumstances.
There are some teachers that I like more than others although the I asume that that is always the case. The teachers all do there glob very well or at least try too. They are also very helpful when you need extra help.
There could be a little less mystery meat, but other than that it's good.
There are some things that go a little over the top.
We have as many sports as we possibly can
They are kind and really care about your education
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It's a nice school, but it lacks required funding
The teachers genuinely care about students and are always available for extra help during or after school.
There seems to be some kind of club or activity for any interest level. If there is enough interest for an activity that is not a current selection, administration will add on to the offerings.
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