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I had a wonderful time at Winfield. The teachers are really supportive and give you the push you need. The staff is a great help to their all really nice.
This is my sophomore year and I am having a blast, besides being threatened to get detention for carrying my backpack around to all of my classes. The school family is great and friendly but the staff can get rude sometimes.
I like the fact that the teachers engage with the students and take their time to get to know their students individually. It feels like a close knit environment and I feel safe at Winfield High School.
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Most everyone is extremely nice at Winfield. It has a great and supportive atmosphere. Everyone encourages you to do your best.
I have attended this high school for all four years of my high school career. The teachers and administrators reach above and beyond the highest expectations. They are very professional and encourage every student to strive to reach their fullest potential. The school is very diligent on preparing each student for their brightest futures, especially those aspiring to attend college. The school is huge on student involvement in school culture and places high expectations on maturity and community service.
Winfield high school gives the students a place where we can feel safe and welcomed. They have excellent teachers who push us. Also, their sports team help students push harder towards goals. We have a policy called 100/0 100 percent 0 excuses. It makes me feel so safe and happy.
I love Winfield High School. It's a fun environment and very connected as a whole. The teachers are fun, yet serious about your education.
There are a lot of social groups and cliques that are not inclusive. Religion is a big part of the school culture as well as sports, and it's shoved down everyone's throats. Most of the teachers are incredible, but the school culture is unappealing.
I am a junior at Winfield High School. I love the environment, but I believe that this school needs to ready their students more for college.
Winfield High School is a very inviting school. The teachers and administration are helpful and kind. The student work hard in class and in extra-curricular activities.
It is a good school. The teachers generally care about their students. The curriculum needs to be more challenging for most students.
I really like the 100/0 statement. This mean 100% accountability and 0 excuses for everything you do at Winfield highschool this means for sports and school work. I also like how the school has a pathway program for student to find what classes and requirement the need for college, and to help the students prepare better for what hey want to do in college.
My experience at Winfield High School was for the most part pretty good. I was a member of the band and I also competed in high school bowling tournaments, where we won a few tournaments and I won the Girls Singles Champion back to back for my junior and senior year. I made some lasting friends while I was at school. I liked all of my teachers and my classes were good. While I was there I had four classes, which I did not really like because I wish we could have taken more because it was rather boring sitting in the same class for over an hour. But the overall high school experience was fairly good. I had good friends, liked my classes and teachers, school was fun for the most part so it was a good experience.
This is a wonderful school for everyone to enjoy. All of the students who go there are very friendly and love to help out whenever they can. You really can achieve greatness at this school.
Winfield High School was a challenging, yet fulfilling experience for me. We all experience trials in high school, but as a victim of bullying and dealing with the cruelty that was high school- I became a better person. Winfield made us into respected adults in society, and taught us good values and morales.
Winfield is very involved, neat, and caring. If someone is going through a rough patch, there is not one person who would not try and help them.
Winfield High School is a diverse and wonderful school filled with kind faces and extraordinary school spirit. This school pushes us to be our best and to strive for greatness. I could not be more proud to be apart of such an amazing student body.
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Needs to handle Cafeteria overcrowding and have better anti bullying plans but a great school in a small town. Sports dominate the school, lots of support for sports, awesome alumni participation. Staff is friendly and helpful. School is newly renovated.
Winfield High School is one of the best schools in Putnam County and in the state of West Virginia. It is a Blue Ribbon School of excellence and I am proud to be part of it. I played soccer for my four years of school and the state championship was won three out of the four years. My memories are Winfield are great and they will last a lifetime..
there's something for everyone to do. Between sports and academic teams, there are clubs like fishing and gay/straight alliance. Everyone has a place.
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