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As a senior at Windward School I have experienced many great things Windward has to offer. It has many resources that help prep students for the next level in their education from high school to college and also help you get introduced to people in the working force. Windward has a caring community that embraces everyone for all the things that makes them who they are. Join the Wildcats if you want strong academics, a multitude of resources, and a community who will cherish you.
Windward school has done an amazing job preparing me for my life ahead at college and beyond. Another nice thing is that class sizes are small and teachers are always available. Despite being a private school in Los Angeles, it is not exclusive socially. They really work on building a great sense of community.
Having older children who attended different prestigious schools in the area, we found Windward to be just the right balance of academics and extra curricular activities (both on and off campus). While our older kids' experiences were positive in their respective environments, in hindsight we've come to appreciate an approach that fosters personal growth and exploration (and truly supports each individual student on their journey), over producing a well known "product."

The culture at Windward is top notch. All of the Windward staff is communicative and responsive. Most recently, we've been very impressed with the school's transition to online learning during Covid-19 and are grateful that our student's learning and school based enrichment activities have continued in a robust manner.

Selecting a high school is a very individual choice. With all that Windward offers, we highly recommend this school for consideration.
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Windward excelled my expectations in every possible way. Their sports teams are intense and insane going against the best competition in the country. And the offer and endless stream of activities for your children. The relationship between parents, students, and faculty are all around great. Lots of communication and preparation to ready your children for higher education. The only downside I did notice was every so often our community would be put inside a bubble. Although it’s great to have a nurturing community, someonetimes our children have to see reality for what it is.
I have had a great experience in my years at Windward. It has great academics and arts, enabling students to challenge themselves as little or as much as they choose. There is not much of a sports environment, except for many one or two popular games a year. It is a smaller school, so it definitely feels like you know almost everyone you go to school with. However, Windward is great at developing opportunities for students to get to know students in other grades, so the community does not feel too small.
Windward School has quite literally changed my life. As someone who never envisioned private school as a part of my life, their generous financial aid offer won me over. During my time here, I've developed the most meaningful relationships of my life--with both students and teachers. I've never heard of a school with teachers who care so deeply about their students on a personal level. I only wish that the administration was less paranoid about how others perceive Windward, because the school already attracts wonderful students and families.
I was incredibly happy with my high school experience at Windward School. Not only was I challenged academically, but I was encouraged to explore artistically and approach school work with a creative mindset.
I am a parent of a 9th grade girl and her experience has been everything we had hoped for. She is able to be a leader in the classroom, explore her interests in the arts, and she has discovered two new interests - film and running. We have found the community to be very down to earth.
Windward School is a place where the faculty cares about who you are as a person, more than just your grades and academic interests. Perhaps if it had a pool or a track or a larger parking lot it would be "better," but really, it's a pretty great place to go to high school.
I think it’s a fantastic place with fantastic opportunities. Being able to go there has changed my life and prepared me for my future in ways I never thought imaginable.
Windward has been so supportive in fostering my academic ambitions. The combination of a collaborative student body and exemplary teachers which take interest in every student's success truly fulfills the school's vision of a "dynamic education and nurturing community." The classes maintain an impressive level of rigor which grants students unparalleled critical thinking skills, and this, along with dedicated college counselors, ensures student success in college. Windward is home for the curious, hard-working, and down-to-earth kinds of people.
We have two children attending Windward, and we all (including the students) could not be more pleased with the school. The teachers and facilities are absolutely top notch. The culture is kind and nurturing. The support that has been given to one of our children, who has dyslexia, has been absolutely outstanding, and allows her to succeed in a challenging academic environment. Athletics, depending on the sport, range from being open to anyone who wishes to participate to nationally competitive. The food in the pavilion is amazing. And the parents are a wonderful collection of supportive and generally "normal" people, despite a fair number of them being quite literally among the tops in the world in their chosen fields. Windward is truly impressive.
Our daughter just finished middle school at Windward and will continue to 9th grade. We could not be more pleased with the faculty, staff, administration, curriculum and the general school ethos. Windward is truly an outstanding school where our daughter has blossomed into a confident, and well-informed young person. There is a wide range of elective offerings that gives the students the opportunity to explore their interests. Windward teachers are the best part of Windward, as they truly support and encourage their students and provide the necessary methodology and environment for students to reach their potential. Most of the teachers have graduate degrees, some have taught at universities. The administration is always cordial, friendly, and forthcoming. Windward is heavily athletics oriented, however, liberal arts are just as vigorously promoted and supported. Strong STEM as well. All things considered, we couldn't have asked for a better school.
great school overall and everyone I know loves it especially the teachers....a majority of them come from teaching knowledge and not only are experts in their field but you can also tell they love to teach
I adore Windward. I came as a freshman and immediately felt welcomed. The classes are a perfect size of about 12-20 students. Windward encourages you to try new things. I took a class freshman year called Controversial Issues in Contemporary Society and it was a great experience that helped spark my passion in politics to the point where I am now going to study political science. I play soccer and the Windward athletic department helped me grow as a player and leader. My coaches helped me grow to the point where I went from not confident to captain my junior and senior years. Windward really makes sure all art forms are celebrated. From the improv to the dance recitals, Windward wants you to have the best experience and do whatever makes you happy. The teachers truly care about your learning but also about you as a person. I can truly say that I couldn't have had a better high school experience and that Windward is the best place for a dynamic, diverse and inclusive community.
Like most schools, this one has good and bad points. Great campus, some fantastic teachers, top notch gym, facilities, trainers, plenty of $$ for excellent coaching staff for sports. On the down side, it is a very richie-rich community and it makes the school a bit one dimensional. It is also very small for a high school, so not a ton of choices for friends, or variety in the types of people you will meet. The school also focuses on some sports much more than others. Girls basketball rules the roost, everyone else . . . not so much.
I love this school. It provides so many opportunities in so many outlets, and is overall incredibly welcoming. If you want to try something, you can!
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Windward truly offers a rigorous academic environment that is balanced and nurturing. The student body is the most diverse of the Los Angeles area private schools, and there seems to be far less of the social pressures you see at other private schools. The administration is accessible and fully supports parental involvement. There are many opportunities for parents to volunteer and be involved in student life. Windward's teaching approach is cutting edge and progressive. An excellent school all around.
Windward offered a wonderful Middle and High School education and prepared me very well for success in college. The teachers were personally invested in the success of their students and taught at a level that challenged intelligent students in the honors and AP classes. College counselors did an excellent job in helping me find a great fit for the four years following Windward. I remain friends with many of my Windward friends and we all look back fondly on our Windward memories.
As a family of four children who has had the great privilege of attending four private secondary schools, all local and highly lauded, it is Windward School that has exceeded all expectations for providing an exquisite education in a kind and engaging environment. You'll likely never meet a student body that loves their school more.