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Windsor High is a great experience for high school kids. They have numerous clubs and activities that you can participate in. There are many different people you will meet at this school, and I love my experience here so far. j
I have gone to Windsor High School since freshman year. I have liked most of my teachers and especially all of my coaches. School is pretty clean. The school is generally safe and the students are not very cliquey.
Windsor High School has allowed me to learn and grow on many different levels. I am a multi sport athlete at Windsor and I have been given many opportunities to learn and grow. Some schools do not allow their students to be multi sport athletes, but Windsor has been very supportive in my decisions to help all the sports in any capacity I can. My senior year I will be the kicker for the football team, and I will also be running cross country. During the Winter I play basketball, and the Spring I run track, and play soccer. I am very grateful for all the opportunities my school has allowed my to be apart of, and to contribute. I am having a ball and I am looking forward to playing soccer at the collegiate level. I have Windsor HS to thank for all the opportunities I have been given.
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Overall Windsor is a great school that I want to finish off my high school years at. The academics are great. The teachers are great and we have many classes to choose from including honors, advanced placement or duel credit classes. The school gives a very welcoming feeling. We are nominated for a national school of character many times. The diversity could be better.
In my experience at Windsor High School, the academic process has been built quite nicely. There are many options in classes, and many after-school activities to join in. While it may lack in some aspects, Windsor more than makes it up in class spirit and motivation. The teachers really try to understand the students, which not many schools can do. It is not the most prestigious high school, but it is one that I believe prepares students well for their individual futures.
I would like the colors and mascot to change. Due to the colors not being flattering and the mascot is not intimidating out of all the schools in missouri. I like the teachers they are supper nice, supportive, and always there when you need them.
All of the teachers are very helpful, and always there when you need them. Great amount of student resources. There are a huge amount of extra curricular activities available. I would like to see the school mascot/colors. The colors aren't flattering. The mascot is is the least intimidating mascot out of all the schools in Missouri.
I like the community and culture in the school. We do have our problems and drama like any other school, but when it comes to the important things we all come together; we really are a family.
I've had an amazing experience at Windsor High School. Ever since my freshmen year, I have felt extremely comfortable and accepted at school. My favorite things about Windsor are the endless amount of activities. We have a variety of sports to choose from, but even better, a variety of clubs to join. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can find their place at Windsor. I don't believe there is anything that I can honestly say I disliked about Windsor. Even the lunches were decent, and when they weren't, the lunch ladies were awesome.
It's all good - sidenote: bullies don't exist
The school is unique because unlike most schools in jeffco it doesn't suck.
All of the teachers are puurrrfect. Especially Mr. Tom Ford, he has changed my life in many ways. Also the other teachers teach well and smartly.
it is the worst school ever in missouri
Nice environment with sweet staff and students.
My favorite experiences at Windsor probably have to do with the way our school comes together when tragic things happen. Everyone comes together at whole and it's very nice. We're also show great school spirit and sportsmanship. This school is unique because although we are small we can be big together. I would definitely choose this school again if I could do it all over, I learned a lot from some great teachers.
there are many sports for a smaller school in the area. we have a lot of school spirit and we can work out in the work out room after school
Student Council often has events at my school. Usually during lunch period. There has been an eating contest, snow cones, camels for Hump Day, ice cream man, and more.
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I often here faculty at my high school say "I am not here for me, I am here for you." Which I really do believe they mean that in how they make sure we understand everything that is said and that goes on. There is a homework lab at my school which most students find beneficial. There are many college prep classes, tests, and opportunities. The school building is very nice as well.
There is much student involvement. I never thought I would be one to become involved in something and stick with it but I am apart of choir and Student Council in which I really enjoy. There isn't a lot of bullying but it is hard for some students to accept other peoples sexual preference which is a shame.
Most activities after school are sport and band related practices.
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