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Some teachers are horrible and probably just there for the paycheck. They fail you on purpose. I recommend you not go to this school if you are a transfer student.
I had an overall good experience at Winchester High School. The School itself was recently rebuilt, so it was clean and new. Most teachers at the school were great and I felt I was getting a good education.
The curriculum is pretty challenging and I feel like I learn a lot on a daily basis. I would like to see more diversity and possible adjustments in the amount of homework since it sometimes feels like we have to do more homework than is necessary.
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Great school and teachers that helped and pushed me to work hard and reach for the stars. I made a lot of good friends and I'm looking forward to the future.
Academics is good and can be challenging (AP and Honors. It is a hit or miss with teachers. You need to be proactive and find out which teachers to avoid. Some teachers are just not prepared to teach and others are just there for a pay check and it shows.

Also, the students are very passive aggressive and competitive with each other. The stress level is high. It is not a healthy environment for kids and mental health issues are coming to the forefront. The district is trying to deal with it but I think parents put excessive pressure on their children to the detriment to their overall mental health and the overall stress.
This was a great school with many great clubs and academics that will prepare your child for college and beyond.
Winchester High School is a pretty good school and students here are very prepared for college in terms of academics. Students usually do well and learn a lot but for some electives, teachers seem to be underqualified. Teachers here also have to teach multiple subjects and levels which means teachers who aren't strong in a certain subject still need to teach it. There are also a lot of fun/interesting clubs students can participate in afterschool but the school doesn't put any funding towards supporting most clubs which is frustrating if you want to do clubs that need money to compete in competitions or events. In my experience, students here are generally nice to everyone. There's a vaping and underage drinking problem among a lot of students but you can definitely find students/a group of friends that don't do those sorts of things. Stress is also a big problem and there's a bad habit of glorifying stress and being overworked among many students.
awful school for new students who did not go to their K-8. ambient is extremely stressful, favors those who only revolve around school. guidance and adjustment counselors do not help, as they have to keep track of over 400 students! students who want to succeed generally do not have a great social life. sophomores and juniors usually have to spend over five hours studying per night. glad i transferred, worst decision ever to go to Winchester High.
My son's football team played against WHS in a playoff game on November 2, 2019. According to the WHS there is a zero tolerance for racist behavior, apparently that is not the case. When my son’s football team walked on the field they were greeted with racial slurs and people with Donald Trump flags, telling them to get off their field. My son's football team is mostly students of color they were there to play a football game. This is supposed to be high school football not some Donald Trump rally. I'm pretty sure this behavior goes against the WHS handbook, page 34 pretty much sums up the supposed zero tolerance for that kind of behavior. But I guess the rules are different during sporting events.
My school was rebuilt about a year ago, and it is completely new and it is beautiful. I’m lucky to attend this school. I like the structure of my schedule, the teachers are great, and the campus is beautiful.
Has a critical mass of good, smart kids, which keeps the overall environment under control. However, I hear vaping and alcohol abuse are considered seriously problematic issues at WHS. The general culture is not particularly outgoing; students tend to socialize in cliques. Academics are considered quite good; there are a fairly wide variety of courses offered, but I've heard it tends to favor overachievers at the expense of kids who struggle. The brand new building is nice, but it has several issues that can only be put down to design negligence. I have never experienced or seen any bullying, but have heard it can happen. The school is mostly white, with maybe 15 percent Asian students and a small number of other minorities. Stress is a problem, as is typical for high-performing public high schools in affluent communities hoping to send their children to good colleges.
I came from Atlanta, GA to go to school in Winchester, MA for high school and I was very pleasantly surprised to be welcomed into the community so quickly and so smoothly. Since most people in the town had been there together since they were children, I thought it would be harder to integrate into the community than it actually was. The schooling was also great and sports were a big part of the school so events were always great. I do wish the school had more diversity because it was predominantly white.
WHS is an excellent school academically speaking. The teachers are very good at understanding and preparing you for college, with only a few exceptions. All classes are very challenging but fun at the same time. Overall it is a very demanding school, and you have to work very hard to get good grades. You can find yourself under a lot of stress if you are taking an Honors or AP course, but if you study hard you will be fine. I have never felt threatened or a victim of bullying in the school, although a lot of students do drugs in the bathrooms.
The people are generally friendly, but the social life is not so great if you are a new student to the school. Most kids know each other since 1st grade so some are unapproachable. It is a very cliquey school so if you’re a newcomer you might have a hard time trying to fit in. Also, the school is not racially diverse at all. Most students are white, and the rest are Asian.
Very nice school, newly renovated. The kids in the school, however, are a different situation. A percentage of kids drink and do drugs but most don't. It is a very competitive school and sometimes it is very stressful. But without Winchester High, I would not have the work ethic I have today.
Winchester HS is a pretty nice school for a public school. Many of the teachers are good, but the school suffers from a lack of funding/resources.
WHS is a great school, almost every student goes on to college or straight into the workplace. I would like to see a stronger administration, but it is to be expected when things have been changing hands so often. I had a great four year there!
Winchester High School is a competitive yet rather tense environment for its population of about 1200 students. Teachers are expected to help students on a personal level and for the most part meet expectations. The largest issue with the school is high competition that fosters stress and anxiety for many students.
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I am in my last year here out of 4. I went through it all. Construction, new principals, etc. This school system has helped me out in just about every way. All of the classes have been challenging but a great way to get ahead. Some of our sports teams are also pretty good.
What I like about Winchester High School is the close-knit community that it is, and the many diverse clubs it has. I also enjoy the professors, as they come in every day eager to teach us the most important thing in life; education. What I wish would change at Winchester High School is the current principle, as he just arrived this past year and many of the students are not fond with him.
Administration is inconsistent, guidance counselors are lazy, many of the kids are rude and stuck-up, and the over all social experience is extremely clique-y. Many of the teachers seem to hate their jobs.
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