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It is a very diverse school with lots of great classes. Sports are great, along with the campus. Teachers are very friendly and supportive towards students.
Overall, this school had a decent education. The teachers care about their students for the most part. Administration do not care about their students, and dismiss bullying and sexual assault claims with little to no follow up. Did not do well to prepare their students for college.
The school lacks diversity compared to most of the schools in the district from what I've seen and experienced. The counselors don't really contact you about things until you contact them first generally, but seeing them in person is the best way to contact them. The teachers are great though; they are very helpful and understanding!
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Accepting teachers, great environment, but the location was a bit too concrete and developed for my taste. This is the place to go for the most boring middle-of-the road high school experience you can get. The education is likely the best in the district, we have incredible test scores and it's the obvious choice for any parent who wants the best for their kids education-wise, but socially I found it left much to be desired, and meeting people there was quite difficult
Wilson High School was by far the best experience of high school anyone could ask for. Our high school had so much diversity with the students and the teachers. Most of the teachers really cared for your well being and it was the best feeling to have those people in your corner to rely on if you need help or guidance. We had the best school spirit in the district as well having a lot of fans at every sporting event and even plays and all that. Wilson will always have a special place in my heart and i will never forget the everlasting memories.
I like how all of the teachers are very lenient when there is a family emergency or something along those lines. The teachers are willing to help you before school, during lunch, or after school in order for you to succeed. One thing I would like to see change is the relationship between the students and the counselors. There is a lack of communication from the counselors, especially about continuing education. Applying for college was difficult and I feel like they could have stepped up and helped walk students through the application process.
I really like this school because i’ve Transferred from 2 school and this school had more of chill and independent vibe in which I like. I would recommend students to transfer/attend Wilson High School
All teachers are nice and willing to help you when u need them, if you respect them then you will get your respect from them.
AMAZING! I'm a cheerleader at Wilson High School and i love it! At Wilson we are a big family. Our sports are what bring us together and our vibe is what keeps us attacked! I would highly recommend this high school for anyone anyone and everyone!
The teachers and administration at Wilson truly care about the students and their education. Many of the teachers I have had have done their absolute best to give me a quality education. Many teachers have helped me prepare myself for college over the years as well as provide a safe place for me to be myself.
I have loved the community and environment. The teachers their truly care and will help you in any way they can.
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I think that what I experienced was the better end of my educational career here at Wilson; what I mean by better end is that for the majority of my years at Wilson I had really good teachers that cared about my education and well being but from most of what I heard from other peers their experience with teachers wasn't as well as what I experienced. Furthermore, the life here including with ASB and school spirit at sporting events could be improved a lot more and should be so that school provides the full high school experience which this school lacks most of.
I like the people. Everyone is accepting and friendly most of the time and there aren’t any cliques or discrimination.
Great school, great teachers, good management. Would like to see more college readiness offered prior to suddenly at the end of one's senior year.
My experience with Wilson has been alright. Academically I haven’t had too many problems that I felt I couldn’t handle. There are also a few teachers I love there. The food could be better though.
The programs they offered were really unique and it was a nice blend of people that came from wealthy families and people who did not. It didn’t feel as cliquey or that I was missing out. People were pretty nice and my teachers really cared about me.
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everything here is great except for the fact that the bathrooms are usually locked and the music that plays in the cafeteria on fridays.
Wilson has some great teachers, but it also has some teachers that aren't very helpful, as with any school. The band and orchestra programs are exceptional, and show choir is a uniquely positive experience.
There is an equal amount of challenging classes to simple classes. This school is an equal amount of opportunities for everyone!
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