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Excellent education. Students are very prepared for college and get accepted into very good colleges.
As a military family, we moved ten times before settling at Wilson Hall. By far, it is the best school my children have attended. The entire family was warmly welcomed, and my children became involved and made friends quickly. For a small school, there is a surprising number of teams and extracurricular clubs. My children are involved with basketball, swimming, track, equestrian, Battle of the Books, Quiz Bowl, FCA, Instrumental Ensemble and Lego Club. Academically, it is a challenge and my children have to work hard, but that is what we wanted. Our oldest child just graduated and received a scholarship to college and earned college credit through Advanced Placement courses. The faculty is outstanding, the best I have ever encountered. My husband has decided to retire in Sumter so that our younger children can graduate from Wilson Hall.
As a transfer student in high school, I was amazed at how well accepted I was by my classmates. Because my dad is in the military, I have attended 8 different schools across the country and WH is by far the best. The academics are very challenging, but the AP classes are worth the work. The teachers really know what they're talking about and I feel like they really care about how I am doing in their class - I'm not just another student. The sports teams and clubs are great considering it's such a small school, better than most of the big public schools I've attended.
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Wilson Hall was a good learning experience for me. I am grateful for the lessons that I learned while attending this school.
Wilson hall likes to promote itself as a prep school but is really just a segregated school in a small town. Academics are on par with public schools in the area the difference is the parent involvement. Teacher are more qualified and professional in public school. Drugs are a problem while administration turns a blind eye. Sports have declined in participation and level of being competitive. This school is going down hill. Needs new blood and qualified teachers.
Wilson Hall allows for a wonderful learning environment from PK to grade 12. Their educational advantages enable a student to push themselves beyond their imagination. The administration offers multiple courses to expand your pre-college experiences, and prepare you for the working man's lifestyle. One change I'd like to see, however, is the addition of a "New Student Support Group" allowing new students to receive aid in new courses or even just allowing for involvement within the school's community. Nevertheless, Wilson Hall does not disappoint and will enable your child to receive a life-changing and advantageous education.
I absolutely love Wilson Hall. I transferred to Wilson Hall my junior year of high school and have had such a great experience. Every one was very friendly to me and all the students were so focused on making good grade that the environment of learning was amazing.
One of the most academically challenging school in my experience. If you're looking for a school that is really going to make you put in work and prepare you for college, Wilson Hall is the right school. Like other schools it has its issues but I personally believe its pros outweigh its cons. One issue was the school had poor computer labs but a positive is the school is willing to listen to students and new computers have just been put in. The food is brought in from restaurants and the sport games and other school activities are always really fun and well put together. It is a small close knit school and while finding your niche might be difficult I think everyone finds their place eventually.
Wilson Hall has provided me with a better education that I could have ever asked for, more college preparation than I knew to be possible, and the most thoughtful and caring teachers I could have imagined. I am thankful for the time I have had here and I am sad to see it end when I leave for college. Wilson Hall offers a tight-knit community of supportive parents, students, and teachers. School pride and school spirit are so evident in any event hosted by the school, especially football and basketball games.
Wilson hall seems like a good school on the outside but the issues that are going on the inside are not being addressed. Drugs at school dance, teachers and administrators looking the other way on cheating. The headmaster is turning a blind eye to the issues,. Just like last year's drug issue. Wilson hall board please fix our school.
It is a very good school that academically challenged me to succeed. I also made many friends here. It has a small, close-knit community, so everyone knows everyone else at the school.
The school strives on academic excellence. Teachers and other staff are involved in the development of each and every student. However I would like the school to be more ethnically diverse and to be more accepting of others.
In my five years at Wilson Hall I saw mostly good things. Some of the good things include: teachers who are fully invested in the education of their students and a faculty who knew every student by name. I would like to see the school become more open to new ideas.
Many clubs exist at Wilson Hall that cover many different hobbies. Chess Club is very popular at my school as well as foreign language clubs. A strange club offered at my school that not many people participate in is Lego Club.
What makes this school unique is the presence of unity during athletic events, pep rallies, and even during an average day. When I was diagnosed with a chronic illness my junior year, my peers and teachers and administrators comforted me and encouraged me. I can honestly say I can depend on my unique Wilson Hall Family.
The teachers at Wilson Hall are very professional and knowledgeable about the subject that they teach. Also, because Wilson Hall is a small private school, the teachers easily and happily form bonds with the students. Not only are they our professors and tutors, they are our role models and friends.
Sanitary facilities and variety of food options for breakfast and lunch (fast food, homemade, or salads)
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I've never truly been accepted at my school, because I don't "fit in."
The teachers are overall good at what they do. It's just a matter of how intriguing their presentations are.
Basic math and English testing is fine; not difficult to apply and be accepted based on my own experience.
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