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I liked being on Wilmot's tennis team, but overall my classes and teachers were average. I also very much enjoyed being a part of DECA, Link Crew.
Overall, it has been an amazing experience over my past 4 years at Wilmot. The staff and faculty all work their hardest in order to assure every student is prepared for life after high school no matter what path that may take them upon.
The best and only good part about this school is the staff. The administration is a complete mess. the schedule is a complete nightmare
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Wilmot Union High School taught me a lot but it could have been better. The teachers and students were amazing to work with, it was just the curriculum that was poorly constructed. Unfortunately our school had many students struggling to the point where our school report was extremely low. Our school has also made poor decisions on where our money goes.
Great facilities and modern look to outside and inside of building. Many great staff but some difficulty in some departments. Good athletics program.
I like how much some of the teachers care about their students. Some put so much effort into making the learning experience as individualized as possible. They also allow it to be a safe learning environment.
I have gone to Wilmot all four years of my high school career, and all throughout I have experienced amazing opportunities and support. I am lucky to have had many teachers to listen to for advice or if I ultimately just need to talk. The spirit and energy is great and it is well-known that the administration cares strongly about each and every academic, sport, club, and student.
I liked the layout of the school, and how the atmosphere was inviting. A lot of the staff created an encouraging environment. One of my favorite features was The Paw, and the Library Starbooks, where we could get coffee, and popcorn once a month. The windows in the commons create a modern and open vibe. Some negative things include how they handle kids who vape (being not enough punishment), and the administration taking no input from the parents or students. Overall, it is better than what I expected high school to be like.
My experiences in Wilmot high school involve me taking a multitude of different ap and honors classes. I have taken their biomedical PLTW classes and they are very good. I believe that the staff could be more caring and wanting to teach. Some of the teachers tell us they don’t want to be here and they don’t like teaching so it can get some students dow. Also, In my opinion some of the teachers don’t know what they are teaching. But all in all the atmosphere is very good. Not a lot of bullying happens.
My experience at Wilmot was amazing. All of my teachers were interested in furthering my education. I enjoyed making friends while playing sports, and how supportive they were.
The sports facilities are a beauty. The hallways are normally very clean. Most of the teachers are very friendly and are willing to help out the students if they need it. The food in the cafeteria is very diverse and everyday its something different and unique. The cookies that were a big hit at the check out line were a HUGE selling item to many of the students and teachers.
I am currently a Sophomore at Wilmot High School. While I really enjoy the environment and teachers at Wilmot, we recently received our school report card and the academic level at Wilmot could improve.
The welcoming atmosphere by Wilmot is warm and inviting. The building is beautiful. The schools gives students numerous opportunities to play a sport, get involved, or get assistance with academics. The staff are very patient and always willing to work with their students. Any problems that may occur are always resolved in an appropriate manner.
While at Wilmot, I experienced many wonderful things . The students and staff are wonderful and are focused on what is best for others. The classes were always well fitted for each and every student as well as allowed the students the freedom to test out future career paths . For me I was able to take early childhood education classes as well as work with the special education class to work toward my goal of being an early childhood /special education teacher. Overall Wilmot was a wonderful school.
I liked Wilmot for the most part because I was able to learn a lot from some very educated and well qualified teachers. Wilmot also has a great amount of resources available for everyone. They also have almost any club or sport you can think of. However, there are many things the school needs to change. The most important change that needs to be made is that the teachers and administration need to stop treating the bad kids like they are their friends. They allow them to talk their way out of situations or get away with things just because they think this will make them stop misbehaving. It is wrong on so many levels. The bad kids are never going to stop being bad. If you allow them a million chances then they will walk all over you and get away with whatever they want.
Overall I am very happy with my high school experience. I have made many long lasting friends through this school and met some amazing teachers. Many of my teachers have personally supported me through struggles with my mental health and for that I am very grateful. Whenever I fall behind academically I know that there are always adults around me who are more than willing to help me recover my grades.
I likes the teachers at Wilmot! I went through middle school with very little connections with my teachers. Once I got the Wilmot as a freshman, I immediately started bonding with my teachers, and they are still extremely supportive now, as a senior.
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Wilmot has been such a great school to attend and I truly will miss some of the experiences that I have had in the past four years. Although, like most students, I do have things I would like to change about it. I wish there had been Honors English classes past sophomore year. However, Wilmot is the type of school and has the administration who take in students opinions and concerns and try to accommodate to improve the school. Overall, Wilmot is an incredible school to have spent the last four years at.
I am a senior at Wilmot Union at the moment and I have really enjoyed the last four years there. The teacher and administration is welcoming of new ideas and really understands each student as an individual. The students are great as well, there is a place for everyone. The experience is definitely what you make it but with the right mind set, being involved, and exploring all aspects of the school it’s really a great place for everyone.
I enjoy all of the friendships that I have made at Wilmot and I also enjoy many of the teachers that I have had or have at the moment. One thing that I dislike about Wilmot is that many things are blocked like WIFI available for students throughout the school and it is almost impossible to find a website online that has not been blocked.
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