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The school is overall good. The instructors are there to see the students try to succeed in what they want to do in life, let alone everyone is trying to try to help others try to striveand that is something that is great about going to Wilmington City Schools that I have experienced
I've been a student in Wilmington since middle school, but has flopped around to other districts in between. I've left and came back about 4 times or so. It's a diverse place to be, with many different kinds of people and cultures, and most of everyone is very accepting of all students. Bullying isn't really that bad at all, but fighting can get out of hand here. We also have a lot of troublemakers, but they're not too bad, either. All in all, it's a pretty good school for me, personally.
I've always liked being at Wilmington, it's a normal High School. There are students here who care about their education and there are also students who don't care about their education. One of the things I wish we could try to control more is the way people act in between classes and how we deal with it, and if we have a consistent student who is always causing disruptions, I wish we could do something more than just detention because those aren't working. The academics at Wilmington have always been a strong plus for me because I choose to push myself. We have many college prep classes available to us, and I believe that I am going to be ready for college when it comes around because I am used to being pushed in difficult classes. Overall, Wilmington High School is a good place to learn and push to become the best student possible.
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Friends are family. We are a small town and all grew up together so we have all been best friends our whole lives. What I would like to see change is the amount of kids with nicotine addiction. Everyone Juuls constantly and they're willing to get suspended just to do it in class.
Wilmington High School is a place that has gone down hill over the years. When I was younger it was a nice place, I mean the education was decent and teachers tried their hardest. Now that I am in High School I would say the school has become so overwhelmed with the troubled kids, more than education for kids that care. Our school will go buy the troubled kids snacks and talk to them all day, and It takes me 4 months to get a counselor to talk with me about my college plans that i’m often behind on because I can’t get a response from them and they say they are always busy. The school has not prepped us for college whatsoever- my whole junior year they never told any of us about applying so i had to do research and learn myself. Overall the education isn’t that great either. The school just needs to be fixed up and I don’t think it can be at this rate.
I have made lots of friends and it has gotten me ready for college. I have improved a lot and am ready for what life has for me next.
I appreciate the school spirit and support for athletes at our school. School employees along with families come to events and greatly encourage the athletes as well as the spirit within the achoolwalls during school hours.
Our school is very clean and it makes me proud when my family or friends visit.
Out teachers are very available to help us and reach out to us.
I would like the school to be more flexible with student needs such as during difficult times at home. More understanding of personal needs and time would be very helpful.
I actually left Wilmington High School for a year because I felt I wasn't getting the full extent of my education. I ended up coming back and I'm grateful for it. I think the new principal and superintendent have made so many positive changes that it's almost an entirely different school.
Wilmington High School is a great school for those who wish to participate in activities. As a band member, I can tell you that our band program is fantastic and familial, whether you are in our highly rated marching band or a concert band. The teachers care about your education and will help with any problems that you may have. Wilmington High School offers honors, advanced placement, and college credit options, which many students take up for a better education. As long as you work for it, you can go anywhere in Wilmington High School, but it's up to you.
I really enjoyed my time here. The teachers were always willing to help as much as possible. They made the learning environment enjoyable for all students and made learning simple when needed. They understood that everyone is going through different things in life and always tried to help if they
Wilmington is a very diverse school full of kids and teachers of a great variety. The staff is generally very helpful and the arts program is very good. We have a lot of options for general and elective classes as well.
Wilmington High School is a very welcoming place. The teachers and students were amazing to be around.
Absolutely fantastic teachers. Everyone there actually cares about your education, and cares about you as a person too. There's been several times I've asked teachers for advice and they helped. The band program is also fantastic.
It is a really good school with amazing people! The teachers are really helpful and welcoming to students. Anyone and everyone can recieve help in any way there.
Wilmington High School is the only school I have ever attended, but I feel it has many good qualities. They are very strong in their athletic programs and there is a high level of students are are currently being prepared for college. I am very happy to have been able to partake in such a great school. The students are all very welcoming and the school has an overall positive atmosphere. The school also offers many after school activities such as key club and FFA.
Overall, I believe you can receive an exceptional education at Wilmington if you put in the time and work. One thing I would like to see changed is serve a variety of different meals every month for lunch instead of the same things every month
I love that a lot of parents want to get involed with there students stuff, but there is still some that do nt get involed.
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The teachers at Wilmington High School are amazing. I do think there are some teachers that coukd do a better job of making sure everyone in the classroom understands what is going on.
Teachers take too long to enter grades in progress book.
It is nice that a policeman is assigned there.
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