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I was, at first, very excited to attend the Willows Academy. That quickly changed after I started my freshman year. The quality of education decreased every single year of my time there. By my senior year, I felt as if I truly did not learn anything of substance in 4/6 of my core classes. Many teachers are often only hired because of their affiliation with the school or with Opus Dei and lack proper qualifications. Besides this, the course offerings at Willows are lacking. Students looking to apply to more competitive schools are not able to take difficult course loads that compare to other applicants. I truly felt unprepared for college leaving Willows. Lastly, only conservative view points are taught. There is no room for any sort of debate, and some teachers will even give bad grades to students showing even slight liberal views in their work. It is a toxic environment and I’m so happy I don’t ever have to step foot in that building again.
THIS IS THE WORST SCHOOL I HAVE EVER BEEN TO. the atmosphere is terrible and there are only a few teachers that actually care about the students. The administration pushes students and staff beyond limits and causes excess stress. There is an insane amount of homework although it is all busywork. My teacher actively tries to assign homework for her class every night even over breaks and national holidays. The amount of useless work the school assigns is disgusting. I am a senior now and graduating is my only motivation at this point. I plan on sleeping through my ap exams because I know I will not be prepared for them. Most students who have gone to this school will say that college is easier than senior year. At the same time, the school babies students and does not prepare students for actual life or college. The only thing that willows has tried to teach is that only straight white catholics have rights.
There isn't a school quite like the Willows Academy. Since my first day there, I have been surrounded by a friendly and familial atmosphere. The small class sizes allow for quick bonding and one is able to immediately form long-lasting friendships. The teachers are incredibly understanding and patient; they make time for each individual student. To be surrounded by so many hard-working and faithful women is truly a blessing, and many of them treat their students as friends. In an all-female environment, a girl is able to learn and develop into a woman with ease and pursue virtually and career path she can dream of. However, because of its close-knit community, TWA doesn't offer as many outside opportunities as other schools, but it continues to expand throughout the years and develop its curriculum in the interest of the students. Going to the Willows was the best decision I have made!
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It’s all girls, have fun with no social life. Half of the teachers are amazing and the other half suck but at the same time they fire and hire new ones every year so it’s fun!
DON"T SEND YOUR DAUGHTERS HERE! It is not even close to worth it considering the price. They have to keep raising the tuition every year because the are broke and no one wants to go there. The teachers are only hired because they are opus dei and/or catholic. Students are taught to cover their bodies and feel bad about themselves and that men can't control themselves. I went into this school catholic and left agnostic because of the b.s. I heard and saw there. If you really want you daughters to love their faith let them choose their school and support their decisions. If you show them that you love your faith and that you are a genuinely kind person they will follow your footsteps. forcing your kids to be catholic DOES NOT HELP and is not effective. Also, I should mention the lack of funding toward the extracurriculars, they only care about sports so the nonathletic kids are forced to the basement with the crappy supplies.
Please save your children from this god-forsaken place. I cannot wait to leave. They only have diversity because of the Spanish kids who stay for a month and the occasional adopted kid. I became friends with a lot of the Spanish students and asked all of them if they liked Willows better than their other school. 100% of then said no. Most of the people I know at this school are only there because their parents made them. The extracurriculars are under supplied because this school is so broke. The administration gets switched out every other year because of how bad it is. Teachers quit before the school year starts and some students who were on the roster will never show up. The students are taught to do what they are told instead of thinking for themselves and the modesty rules are degrading to women. We shouldn't be teaching girls to hide their bodies, we should be teaching boys to control themselves. Whether you agree with me or not on this, PLEASE don't send your daughters here.
The Willows has a very rigorous class load that I feel prepares me for college well. The only thing that I would change is adding more activities for the girls that attend to do together with our brother school, Northridge Preparatory School.
Do yourself a favor and find a different school. The administration does not care about their students, the teachers are less than qualified, and I can count the number of teachers left from when I started at this school to when I graduated on one hand. In the past 3 years, we have had 3 deans of students. Both this summer and last summer, they had teachers quit before even beginning. The administrations pick favorites--the holy kids-- and they pick kids to make miserable. They treat their students unfairly and never give them the respect they deserve. I could have gotten a better education at my local public school than here. The only good thing about this school is the friends I made, but GOSH we are so happy we graduated. Save your money and time, go to a different school.
My experience at the Willows Academy was amazing! I have close relationships with my teachers who I see as role models and mentors. The teachers truly care about each individual and the small environment really allows for a bond of all of the girls in each class. At the end of my four years, I can say these girls are my sisters and family.
I love the willows! I don't understand why some don't like it! It's a great environment to learn in because the classes are so small. The academics are some of the best as well. The faith is also a huge part of this school. All of the teachers are very welcoming, and the students are amazing friends!
My time at the Willows truly was the best time of my life! Every time I think about it, I long to go back. Not only do the Theology teachers teach the Catholic teachings spectacularly well, but almost every teacher/administrative LIVES the faith and it is enormously apparent in everyday life at this school! That quality alone is priceless when it comes to choosing the right school for your daughter.
Most of the teachers had a sincere and genuine interest in seeing their students succeed, but often went about it in the wrong way. For example, teachers would put tons of time and effort into a week-long curriculum about helping students find their Meyer-Briggs personality despite it having no relevance to academics whatsoever. The school's student body also lacks diversity to a concerning degree. 90% of students are the same race and hold the same political and religious beliefs and ideologies which really doesn't prepare the students for the real world, making it difficult to transition into college or the workforce. The academics, however, are generally excellent, especially anything involving essay writing.
The willows was the best four years of my life! My parents sending me to an all girls high school was the best decision. I grew as a person and will always have my TWA memories
Willows Academy has been an amazing school for our daughter. The school culture has a wonderful balance of high academics, sports, respect and fun. The academics are challenging and they do a nice job of motivating the girls to make honor role and dean's list. They have a competitive sports program, theater/musical productions, several choirs, bell choir and ensembles. The faculty is warm and welcoming as are the students. During the school year the big events/school traditions are the Holiday Prelude, Kris Kringle and the Mother Daughter Luncheon.
TWA is the best! Everyone here cares so much about each girl, loves her as she is, and challenges her to grow! Our graduates get into top colleges, but they know that their grades matter less than their character. They make lifelong friends here, and they discover their great dignity. I love going to work each day and working with the parents, faculty, and students to help girls grow!
The Willows Academy has been the best experience!!! From the moment I walk through the doors every morning, I feel I'm home. I've made the best, most supportive friends. The atmosphere is welcoming, loving, and fun-filled! With the Catholic environment and encouraging staff my faith grows stronger every day! Academics are challenging but definitely worth it. I'm a senior this year and I'm proud to say that I got accepted to every college I applied to because of how well Willows prepared me. Girls who come from the Willows are well rounded and prepared for the future.
I thoroughly enjoyed going here for high school. The teachers are super friendly and they seem to love what they teach. The student body is relatively small, so you get to know your classmates really well ( I saw this as a plus). The only thing I didn't like was how poorly funded this school was. Get ready to pay for a bunch of mini expenses if you want the class sweatshirt, if you want to go on a field trip, or if you need to buy a textbook. The academic level is challenging, yet SO HELPFUL for college. I am a Freshman at William-Rainey Harper college, and every time the professors make some reference to high school math or chemistry, I'm relieved that I understand them because the Willows prepared me extremely well.
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The school has a very friendly environment. Everyone is welcoming and accepting. Offers many different clubs and activities, that help broaden interests of the individual. The teachers there wanted and helped every student succeed.
The opportunities for students are endless. There are several sports opportunities. The high school sports are competitive and have earned regional titles for the school. In addition there are a multitude of clubs for students to participate in. However, a student can also start her own club with proper guidance from the administration. There is room for all ideas.
Our overall experience with the school has been fabulous. The teachers are caring, helpful, and willing to do whatever it takes to help each student reach her potential. There is always an eye on the social aspects and any problems are addressed quickly.
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