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Willowbrook High school has been a great experience for not only me, but all of my peers around me. Students are able to connect and bond with many of their teachers. Students have the opportunity to find a club or activity that truly fits their personality and likes. The school spirit is amazing and the school is filled with amazing students and teachers.
Willowbrook is truly a great and diverse school. Almost every student is involved with a before or after school activity that displays what they are passionate for. The staff cares about the students and the student's future. The classes push the students to the highest level and there are multiple fields of study at Willowbrook High School. The coaches that manage the sports teams push the athletes to their very best. The coaches are dedicated, passionate and most of all they care.
Most of the teachers are fantastic and there is a true opportunity to excel if you want to. Athletics are respectable and the student body is possibly one of the most varying in the state.
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My experience at Willowbrook High School has been amazing. Whenever I need help, there are multiple people with open arms ready to help me. The staff never fail to make school a fun and exciting place to be at every single day. Willowbrook High School is a place I feel safe at. I have made many friendships and role models here at Willowbrook, and I will have everlasting memories of my 4 years here.
Willowbrook overall is a very put together school. Willowbrook has some of the best teachers. Our sports teams are successful as well as our music and arts. I would ask for more appreciation of the arts. The administration doesn't listen to requests for improvements in the music and theatre department. The one thing I would change about Willowbrook is making student's voices be heard more. Our population is very diverse and there are so many different and wild mindsets that if the administration would pay attention to those students, a lot of progressive changes can be made. Either way, Willowbrook is awesome. Everyone has a place ay Willowbrook
Willowbrook offers many different places and activities for everyone in the school to fit in. My biggest downfall of the school would be its favoritism towards athletes.
I liked that the teachers for the most part seemed to always be there for you. The staff was decent and averagely nice for the most part. I’d like to see the lunch be better and have more of a variety and for there to be an update to the school overall.
Majority of the teachers are kind and engaging. There are numerous resources that guarantee success. The school has many programs to fulfill your passions.
It is very inclusive. There is always so much to do. However, some of the staff are less than lovely and are teaching classes they are clearly unfit for.
Willowbrook is a very inclusive and caring school, everyone here treats one another like family. When youre falling behind, teachers and students will both help you get back to speed. Willowbrook is a place where you can learn while having fun with all of the hands-on experiences we have in our classrooms.
My time at Willowbrook was very enjoyable. The school is run well with many well educated teachers that are liked very well by students, and genuinely try to make an impact in their lives. The students and staff are very involved in extra-curricular activities and school spirit surrounding sports is remarkably high. Overall, my years there were some of the best so far, and I hope many more get the same experience.
I had the chance to participate in high quality arts and enrichment programs, which helped expand my person musicianship and performance abilities while exposing me to a supportive group of mentors and peers.
It's a good school but I think the administration could do more in ensuring the safety and comfort of the students. Also the food in the cafeteria is garbage and they close breakfast lines early when they run out of food which isn't great. Some of the staff are rude, but there's always gonna be a couple bad apples in there. The school is very diverse and I've never felt in danger for being who I am there.
I personally believe my personal experience at Willowbrook High School was really good. Whether it was on the baseball field or in the class room, I can confidently say I will truly miss my high school experiences.
I loved my experience in this high school very helpful teachers and their involvement in the music department which I very appreciated was the best. One of the things I wish would change is the food in the cafeteria. Only if they could offer better food.
Willowbrook High School is a diverse community full of thriving individuals. I enjoy being able to walk through its halls and know so many of the people that I see but also know that there are so many more that make up this unique community. Overall, the staff, the students, and the school as a whole are all amazing!
Willowbrook High School has a wide range of extracurricular activities that have proved to be the highlight of my experience at the school thus far. The main problems that I have with the school are the faculty and the overall bias of the administration and school itself. It is very one-sided and if you disagree with certain aspects of the democratic party you are ridiculed not only by a large majority of the student body but by teachers and faculty. Very rare does a teacher, in particular in the English and Social Studies departments, agree or side with a student about any political issue that tends to be conservative. Even the choice of textbooks, as well as the curriculum overall, are a reflection of the liberal bias within. The failure of diversity of thought within the faculty, students and administration proves for an unwelcoming atmosphere from students who think differently.
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Willowbrook High School has is a great academic school and does an outstanding job at preparing their students for a secondary education. The school has over 40 clubs and makes sure their students have the necessary skills to achieve help when they have trouble in their classes.
Willowbrook Highschool is very big to start. Classrooms are in decent size and the class sizes(student wise) around 20 to 30 students make it feel comfortable and each individual has an opportunity to ask questions. The school has a lot of course options for any type of individual for any interest.
Willowbrook High School gave me a very good high school experience. Teachers were always willing to offer extra help and wanted the best for their students. There were so many clubs, someone could find at-least one that they would wan to be in. I feel as though they prepared me to be successful in college and ready to take on whatever may be thrown at me in college to.
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