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This is a very good and diverse public school. However, I would like to see the administration to be as diverse as the students.
Very diverse school filled with different cultures. Guidance counselors are always there to help. There are many aferschool activities and sports to choose from by your own interest to help you get together and enjoy what you like to do. Every other Wednesday, Ramp Up periods with your assigned ramp up teachers help you better understand tests and things to prepare for college and your future. There are after school clubs like SmartClub, where you can stay after school to complete missing homework/tests.
It’s a decent size school, not too many students but not too little. Many sports and extracurricular activities for you to participate in. The school is very diverse in race, color, and gender.
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For me, Willmar Senior High was a great place to spend my high school career. I got to meet many amazing people. My life incredibly changed. Middle school was tough place. Went through a lot of stuff but the moment I went into high school, everything changed. I had many opportunities. I spent my freshman and senior year playing girls soccer. Those years were amazing especially senior year which is the year I gained many friends that I have now. I am extremely grateful for the years that willmar high gave me.
Guidance should reach out to every student before senior year. And inform students of PSEO better. Ninety percent of staff is really helpful and kind. Nothing is really done to prepare students for college. Sports and music are extremely competitive. However, sometimes too much. Not giving more students the chance to experience or try these activities.
The teachers were great. They taught the students what they needed to know. There communication with students could be better. The students should be able to feel comfortable talking to a teacher.
Very diverse school. Good administration. Staff really care about students. Fewer advanced placement opportunities than other schools.
Willmar Senior High School is a very diverse school which makes everyone feel at home and welcomed. All the staff are accommodating to every culture seeing as they would provide translators for the parents of the students who cannot speak English. Most of the teachers care for the students, and they want us to be ready to pursue our dreams by making us practice our talents. They are all very supportive and they would allow us to use the many facilities and resources of the school for us to work on our projects and assignments. I wish the food was better because it’s not quite fulfilling. I also wish they would put the same importance in academic clubs the same way they put importance in sports.
This school Is god awful. I’ve never been at a school where the teachers just don’t care what so ever. Especially Linda Saunders. She’s a boomer. A lot of the teachers are flat out racist too. And the counselors are just plain awful. Do nor recommend this school what so ever. Unless you want your kid to kick themselves
My school has some amazing teachers and classes, the subjects taught at this school range from simple math, to calculus, from art to large engines. The school is one of the most diverse in the country, our student body has people from all around the world. The one thing I would like to Chang about my school is the physical size of it. Classes can get large and in between classes the hallways are crowded. Besides that, I’m very happy with my school, There are plenty of clubs and sports for us to spend our time in. I really feel that I am appreciated and being prepared for the future here.
The teachers and staff worked with, and accommodated me with everything I needed. This school is one of the first to introduce iPads to all of their staff and students which made assignments and books convenient. If I could change anything about the school, it would be to make the building itself larger.
I truly do like this school for its acceptance in diversity and change to others. For me I’ve always been told high schools a nightmare but actually it’s not for me at all it was way better than the middle school on how they treated their students. The teachers there are very supportive and truly want to help us achieve our goals. The lunch for me was low because most of the food we ate was like rubber and didn’t feel like a real lunch. When ever I needed help my counselor would be right there to help me work it out. Overall the school was very nice and accepting and I encourage others to go there for their education.
At the Willmar Senior High School, all of the teachers, counselors, and other faculty members that I worked with were phenomenal. They care about their students academically, and care about our personal lives as well. They also do a great job of creating a comfortable learning environment for everybody.
The Willmar High School is a very good school to attend. Most of the teachers are phenomenal in both aspects of academics and character. The school is also very diverse and exposes students to people seen everywhere in the way.
Willmar Sr. High had amazing academics; however, the administration did nothing when it came to bullying, even though they said they had a zero tolerance for bullying. They are afraid to punish students because they do not want to seem racist, not caring about their student's safety.
For me, Willmar Senior High School was a place where I grew as a scholar because of my work ethic, determination, discipline, and passion. I was surrounded by relatively privileged peers who were given much educational opportunities. Although I saw many many people of my ethnicity in fundamental (very basic) courses, and saw how easily the privileged rose to the top, I believe that I was given (at least by the school) a very equal chance to succeed. I felt that I achieved much because the teachers were not racist or discriminatory at all. The ethnic trend had more to do with economic and legal statuses.
Terrible school. The teachers do not care and never cared. They only care about themselves. To many gangs and gang fights in school. The school turned into crap along time ago. If you wanna save your kids mental health, don’t send them to Willmar. Terrible food and this school does not get you ready for college at all. I hated my time at this school and glad it will be over soon.
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I really love how well taken care the whole building is and how nice the teachers are. I really want to see more language classes to be added
Willmar Senior High School is a great environment for students! The teachers really care about students succeeding and doing well not only in their class, but outside of school and college! They have really great sports teams with awesome coaches (facilities getting better and better each year!), and an awesome music program that helps students grow into talented young musicians. They also have a variety of clubs and activities for students to get involved in such as speech, knowledge bowl, art club, smart club, and more! I have enjoyed my time at Willmar Senior High School and definitely recommend it to anyone who’s thinking about moving to Willmar!
I love that we can cheer on our team and watch them go into the next round. The students here are great and you will have someone to talk to. I would like some improvement with college and getting ready for the real world. They teach us about college, bit never actually showed us how to do stuff and I would like to learn how to do taxes.
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