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The community is great and the education is more advanced than most but the schools are not the best. It seems like finances are not spent in the best way or to the benefits of the students.
The school is great but the teachers and staff don’t care about the success of the students after graduation.
I really liked most of the teachers, if you ask for help they are there for you. For example, our Algebra 2's teacher is there almost everyday after school if you want to go visit for questions on math you have. The counselors right now have a student check-in form online where you answer some questions and they call you back. So they are available.
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It is the most average high school maybe even below average. If you have the opportunity to go somewhere else go there. Some of the teachers are really great and you can learn a lot from them but that does not make up for how badly the school is. It is a small school but it feels like no one cares about anyone else.
I think that the school could offer better college readiness resources in the form of college counselors. Speaking as a current college student who has graduated from Willits High School, I think that if students had counselors they could talk to regarding applying to college and a course of action they would be much better off by the time they were ready to leave. The school is very small, and academically they offer a decent amount of courses for the size of the school. But I think that since the courses are limited there should be a stronger academic system and higher level at which students are learning so that they are prepared for college. I think that overall, high school should be less focused on pushing kids through and more focused on giving students a meaningful education that they want to expand on.
I would say that Willits High School is a very small school. You will have a lot of the same teacher for different subjects and you'll have a beautiful view of all the mountains and trees.
My experience at willits high school is something I will never forget. With it being such a small school, everyone seems close and know everyone knows eachother in some sort of way opposed to going to a huge school where you only know certain people. The small school environment is helpful because you understand more in class. Only I wish they offered more academic opportunities and a diversity of classes.
The teachers were wonderful. What I am left with after many years away is encouragement and education was the message the teachers were able to convey. For a small town, I am grateful for a higher level of education.
It was very easy to understand and get through. I would reccomend to many of my peers. It was also very helpful. As I am already planning on signing up for as many scholarships as I can I decided to add this to increase my scholarship acceptance. Also it helps me to not have to write an essay all the time.
not much to say except for the coaches don't care
There are only 3 teachers that are over the top!!!
The teachers don't have much contol of students
I used to attend an after school program and I noticed that a lot of kids don't really like the programs.
I have lived here my whole life so I am going to school with a lot of kids I have known for my whole life. Being a small school has it's pros and cons just like anything does. The class of 2016 at willits high is a really close class and it is really great.
It is a small school so it is very easy to interact with the teachers as a student. Almost every teacher will go beyond normal to give a student help if they really need it or are struggling with a class or multiple classes.
Bullying doesn't happen often in this school. We don't have any "special" security safety measures besides unarmed security. We do not have a school nurse. Even though we lack a lot of things I feel extremely safe at my school because I know that the teaching staff would do everything in their power to keep us safe.
I was a cheerleader for all 4 years of high school and the coaching was amazing. But there was no funding for the program, we had to raise all of our own money. Also, The school rarely ever provided an place inside to practice. Volleyball and wrestling were the only sports that I knew of that always had an inside place to practice. Even though football seemed to be the favorite of the school.
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I like this school because the teachers are very easy to approach and are committed to helping students understand the topic. Unfortunately, some students just don't care if they understand he topic. My favorite experience would be the Homecoming football game where they show float that each class built. What makes this school unique is the teaching staff and they would probably be the reason I would do it all over again.
The teachers here are great but sometimes its hard for them to get student to pay attention and stay on topic.
My overall experience was great. I loved most of my teachers and I love how this school has sports and extracurricular activities that students can be involved with. Also it's a small school so the student to teacher ratio is really good. The AVID program was great this year and it really helped me succeed. We had 3 tutors and I will continue to be part of AVID all throughout high school because this year was so good. I would choose this school again if I could do it all over. I love it!
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