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Williamsburg Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Williamsburg is a very nice school. The school work is preparing me for college and the classes that are offered are helpful as well. My only issue with it is the lack of respect students have towards people with different opinions. People can be very rude to people of the opposite political party or people who think differently towards them and I don’t think admin really knows about it.
The classes and teachers I've had experience with have mostly been positive, but a lot of the money goes towards football, which is typical of a small town high school. I appreciate the opportunities I've been given through the music department and NHS, but it would be nice to see them get more funding in the future.
Williamsburg High School is a great place. You are always able to see a friendly face in the hallways. You can never turn the corner without finding someone to strike up a conversation with. The food is pretty good, although they could choose some healthier options for the breakfasts.The staffing and administration is phenomenal though. They are always so caring and understanding. The parking lot is sometimes dangerous as there is not a ton of supervision and high school students aren't always the best driver. The safety is good, but our facilities aren't always updated as we have a bathroom that has been under renovation for about a year. All though this school has a few problems it is still an amazing place and I would never have been able to see myself going anywhere else.
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Williamsburg Junior/Senior High School is a great school. Teachers are always willing to stay after school and help you with homework or re-teach a lesson if you don't understand what is going on in class. Williamsburg has tons of clubs for many different students to help get students involved as much as they can. At Williamsburg, we take pride in our school and in our facilities making sure to take great care of both. Williamsburg may not be as diverse as some schools but we make sure to not only welcome new students, teachers, and other staff with open arms but to share the love with return students, teachers, and staff.

Something I wouldn't mind seeing change would be the involvement of girls in sports and the weight room. Sometimes it can seem like guy sports are the main focus at Williamsburg. But with a great Swimming, Basketball, Soccer, Track, and Softball coaching staff I think this is bound to change.
Williamsburg Jr./Sr. High School was a great school for me to attend. With all the schools that were close enough for me to go to, Williamsburg was the best. It has a very good academic record, and they made it feel easy to learn. The teachers there are some of my favorite instructors ever. I have made lasting bonds with these teachers, and they have helped me get to where I am today.
Williamsburg isn't a very diverse school, but they are slowly getting there. It's hard for them to be diverse because it is a small farming community. The school is very open, though, to anyone and their background. They have a zero bullying tolerance.
I would've liked for Williamsburg to prepare me a little more for college. They do offer a class, "Intro to College," which helps, but there are many other things to know once you get into college.
Williamsburg is a great school, that will welcome anyone in their doors.
I graduated last year from Williamsburg High School. I was very involved and loved the small class sizes and the range of classes available. This high school has a Kirkwood Community College center so I was able to take classes through this. Along with these, I was able to take 3 AP classes and these transfer credits combined allowed me to already have my first year of college done in high school.
I loved this school. It always felt safe and the staff was always there to help even if they weren't your regular teacher for that specific class. If there was ever a problem, you could always talk to any adult and it would get taken care of right away! The staff was always so honest and happy.
This school has overall great academics and a student body that I absolutely love being a part of. Since we are a smaller school, there's more focus on building a student/teacher relationship so we are comfortable talking about problems and getting help. A small student body allows us to get to know our classmates better and build good friendships. A small student body also allows student to experience in different clubs and sports without having to fight for a spot like other big schools.
My school is a very good school. They care about your education and they want to help you to be the best person you can be. They help you prepare for college and the life you would like to have after school.
The teachers are genuinely interested in having each and every student learn at their own pace. The staff is incredible and the guidance counselors are incredibly flexible.
My experience at Williamsburg was really great. Some of my favorite things about high school were the teachers, the sports, and all the technology. The teachers really took an interest in me and wanted to get to know me. In a smaller class, you get to have a lot of one-on-one time where you really get to learn. Sports were really fun and all of the other activities offered. I participated in basketball, golf, DECA, NHS, and SOAR. Also the laptops they offered helped me learn in a way that was set up for me. I enjoyed the technology in the classrooms. The only thing they could improve on would be getting me ready for college. A class for scholarships and applications to colleges would be really helpful. But overall, a great school.
Williamsburg is really a nice school located in small town Iowa. The majority of the teachers are encouraging and supportive and play an active part in the community.
Extracurricular activities are extremely prominent at Williamsburg High School. They have high commitment, are enjoyable, and unite the students together.
Williamsburg High School is very unique, because the students feel like a huge family. School unity is achieved in sports, academics, and the arts.
The teachers at Williamsburg High School are very engaging, and personable. They are easy to talk to and go to for help. Most go above and beyond to insure a proper education for all students.
This school is part of a program that deals with autistic children. This has helped to integrate my son into the regular classes. He has been able to apply for a job and has worked at the job over a year. They have given him social skill he will use as he continues on to college.
The teachers at this school are very good teachers. Their teaching styles are improving over years. They also have very good interest in students. They just want the best for us, and they will answer any questions that we have.
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The extracurriculars at this school is awesome, they have the basics just as basketball and wrestling, to a Pokemon club.
The teachers that are apart of this school is awesome!! :)
The health and safety at this school is awesome, just some issues but other than that, it's awesome!! :)
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