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Williamsburg Charter High School Reviews

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my daughter thats 23 now, Did excellent in school. she now lives in Hollywood California due to pursuing her acting, singing career and in musical theater, she received from this school. check her out on instagram Natasha Aponte .
It has a lot of good teachers and staff, there are a lot of programs that help you become stronger as an individual. It’s just the environment that throws everything off, the students have no respect for anyone.
What I like about Williamsburg Charter High School is that it gives a friendly and comfortable environment for the kids to be comfortable with staff , they make the school welcoming and it’s kept very nice and clean!
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The school is ok but what I want them to change is the number of opportunities they give to a student. Kids take advantage of that and don't try their hardest. The staff and teachers make good connections with the kids and there are people these kids can talk to.Overall the school is ok.
Honestly The School Runs Every Well. Children Actually Understand Whats Going On .They Get The Help They Need. The Only Flaw Is The Counselors Don’t Invest Their Time In There Children As They Should.
I've had a pretty decent experience at Williamsburg charter high school. I'm glad I chose this school. Even though there's quite a few more rules than I expected regarding the uniform and phone policy, I feel that there has been many classes where I learned a lot about a certain topic and even about myself. I also really love the private bathrooms instead of one bathroom with many stalls. I've built bonds with people and teachers that I hope will last forever. However, there have been many classroom experiences where I thought to myself "how in the hell did this teacher get hired?" I would think this because I wouldn't learn anything in that class or the teacher has no idea how to control a class. For example, I don't feel comfortable speaking with any counselors or social workers because I have bad experiences with them. I'm glad I have friends I can trust as well as my drama teacher Mr. Kronenberg. I love him so much. Despite my bad experiences, WCHS isn't a horrible school.
It’s the worst. Majority of the staff is very rude and will never allow you to express your own perspective. There’s a few good teachers like The Romero siblings, burchett, Thompson and maybe like 2 more other teachers.Then the school is itself is just horrible. The students are racist, they will treat you so different for having different features or just by not supporting their childish behavior. Teachers drop grades for moving a pencil that you moved. But it’s very easy to pass since you can speak to your councilor to speak to them to change it for ridiculous reasons. Please don’t send your child here. They will be filled with bad influences, rage and resentment and insecurities. It’s not worth it to get a good grade without any knowledge towards the subject. Also this is the only way I will ever get my point across without a staff member saying this is “false, we have great teachers and good programs” but even the teachers leave every year.
I would love to see more diversity in ethnicity backgrounds at our school, alongside how educated and well prepared our teachers are.
I enjoyed all 4 years, even though there was constant change. I made a lot of friends and the staff was always friendly. I loved the school wide events planned monthly and the clubs provided for students by faculty
I can't compare my experience in Williamsburg Charter High School to another school because you only get one high school experience. I had an interesting time. There are many opportunities given in Charter. I had a liking in singing and for all 4 years I was put in the choir by choice. Although being in charter had its exciting moments I wish they had started helping with college things earlier than senior year. School is a lot of work but it became very stressful starting senior year with not that much knowledge. Thankfully I have 2 older sisters who went through the college process in previous years being in Charter and it helped me start senior year. Aside from that my overall experience in Williamsburg Charter was just unforgettable.
This school offers a variety of clubs and activities and classes that any student may attend. While being at this highschool, I was always offered many extracurriculars that not many other schools offer. From various clubs and sports, to also stepping up your academics and even being the chance to take college classes. The staff and teachers at this school are also very useful towards the students. They make sure that everyone is on task, and will do their hardest to make sure no student is failing their class. Speaking of classes, this school also offers lots of core academics that will make the life of any student successful. From honors to AP, to even college classes, this school really offers above and beyond to their students.
I love how the school shows that you can never dream to big and this school has given me so many opportunities to pursue My dream as an artist
Williamsburg Charter high school offers college courses,AP courses, honors classes.I have met great people who have shaped me into who I am today.Especially my english teachers.Since my freshman year my english teachers have influenced me and have made me into the writer and thinker I am today.
It changed throughout the years but I love everything about! Between the teachers and a different principal williamsburg charter has been the best school for my 4 years of high school. The teachers are great and have a good understanding of what kids need to know or what they are struggling with. When i needed help i always felt comfortable to go to any teacher or staff there . I really just love the school and I cant wait for everyone to see me graduate in 2019
My experience for the last 4 years at this school have been very good. The teachers and all staff members treat the students with a lot of respect and have a relationship with each other that gives it a family-like relationship. The students have a family-like relationship as well. Teachers give the students a lot of opporutunities to fix their grades and credits. Tutoring is offered as well.
I think that my overall experience at the WCHS is going pretty well. The staff are friendly to all students and are also greeting them when possible. If there is something about you on any day, someone would ask you if you are okay. The students work well with each other and get along. However, there is some exceptions. For instance, some times students are not friendly to another student because of an issue, or sometimes there is name calling. Overall, the WCHS is a friendly environment where you get the chance to feel like you're at home.
Although I transferred in the middle of my junior year to a different high school in a different state due to harsh circumstances, I can really say my three years at this school were unforgettable. I loved the friends I made, the special bonds I had with certain teachers. So many things I will always remember about that school, my locker that was the perfect size for me, I didn't have to tippie toe nor bend down all the way. The times I used to run late to school and the security guards would get me some breakfast. Every Friday, our principal would dress up or do a event like with music, or food, and it was so exciting to go in and have that energy in the atmosphere. Moving was so devastating, unfortunately my family and I got evicted from our apartment in Brooklyn. I left all my friends, teachers, and classmates. If I could I would come back, but, all that's left to say is that school was a wonderful experience.
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My experience at Williamsburg Charter Highschool was very absorbing because I learned how to properly communicate with others and I also received guidance not only from teachers but students as well. One major factor I liked about being at Williamsburg Charter is how the teachers are so involved with the students and are always willing to help the students no matter what the situation is. I also like how the school pushes students to study for tests by having extra help, regents prep, sat prep, etc. On the other hand, one thing I would change about the school is that they should start prepping students earlier for college. The school should help students start scholarships in 11th grade instead of 12th by locating and providing them for the students.
It's a good school. There are many opportunities, such as AP classes, Honors classes, National Honor Society, and others, that allow a hardworking student to excel. There's also always available assistance by the teachers and faculty. The teachers are young, so they're easier to connect with too.
My experience for 4 years was very good because a variety of clubs and sports were offered to me to complete my high school experience. But I noticed as the years went by that the teachers gave in to rowdy kids and no one cared about clubs anymore.