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Overall, my experience at this school was pretty average and very calm. I had friends from different "cliques" and homosexuality wasn't looked down upon so I knew several students who were very open from the very beginning about their sexuality which made it a very welcoming environment. This is also the fact that the teachers all had a good balance between being your teacher and being your friend, so you knew when to be a student and when you could ask advice on more personal matters or even need someone to lend an ear.
It's small and everyone knows each other and can get along nicely. The teacher's are all passionate about what they teach and are willing to go the extra mile to help a student out.
Overall, I loved my time there. The teachers were more than willing to talk with you as a person whenever you needed it. Everyone was friendly and very involved with each other. Classes were fun, entertaining, all the while the teachers were serious when it came to making sure we learned what the lessons are intended to teach.
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The teachers here are amazing. The know exactly what to do when you need help and they go out of their way to get you the help you need. Also we are a small school so everyone knows everyone and people are so accepting. Even though our school is small, our athletics are a huge part of out school. We sadly don't have a football team but we co-op and we still get lost of people who go to the games. Overall the school is amazing and gives lots of opportunities for you to succeed.
Williams Bay Highschool is an excellent school that has many opportunities to prepare students for college.
Most of my classes were adequately challenging, however, nearly every other aspect of my experience was sub-par. First, this school is good for high-achieving students, but doesn't have very many options for students who need extra help. Some teachers are very helpful for those students, and some are not. We have some great sports, but they often receive more recognition than musical or artistic extracurriculars. Not a very diverse school, but that could be expected from a small school. Overall, not a bad experience, but could definitely make some improvements.
We pretty much accept each other, but it's just because we're mostly the same. Almost everyone here is some type of white christian and mostly straight. However, there are a few LGBT people, but it's not talked about.
Our school is ranked very highly in the state, and the grading scale is very competitive. Many of the students here are aiming for success, like every school, there are some that don't mind.
It's a small town. We know almost everybody, and if there were was someone coming, we'd probably already know about it.
The ones that we offer are pretty good, but it would be fantastic to have a few more. Many after-school activities require a drive to another school or place.
This school has a close-knit community. It's very small, therefore everyone knows each other and is there when something goes wrong. However, this makes for some problems also. Everyone knows what is happening in everyone's life, which often unnecessary drama. Often, students get along, but it may be because there isn't much diversity here.
The teacher's at William's Bay are usually good at what they do, however, there are a few teachers that are inconstant with their grading skills, or in other words, show favoritism, or they are very unapproachable. However, the teachers here often show interest in what they do and are willing to stay after school to help students with their school work.
There is very little ethnic diversity or religious diversity. As far as LGBTQ, there are plenty of students who identify that way, but generally very few are open about their sexuality due to the stigma surrounding this. Drug users are very accepted though.
Not enough opportunities for rigorous courses. High achieving students are often bored.
We're in a pretty safe area, so there's not too much to worry about. That said, we had a bomb threat last year and the administration reaction was terrible. The evacuation was slow, and disorganized. An entire classroom got left at the high school, which wasn't noticed until a parent couldn't find their child at the building we had been evacuated to. After the threat, no new drills were put in place, and we haven't had a single lockdown drill since I began attending this school. No one knows how to deal with any of these situations, and the person who threatened the bomb was never even identified. Overall, we would be incredibly susceptible to school violence because we have very few security measures in place to prevent such things. Bullying is dealt with in untimely and unhelpful manners, and the guidance counsellors are useless.
We don't have many opportunities for different extracurriculars. Most clubs don't do much outside of occasional meetings, and there are no real after school activities outside of sports. If you're not athletic, we don't have much to offer you. This is odd at such an academically focused school that doesn't have successful athletics programs.
It was an interesting experience going to such a small school. Initially it had very rigorous courses and motivated teachers. Students were high achieving and the school was a great learning environment. As I progressed through high school here, harder class were taken away, many old teachers were replaced with young ones with little to no experience, and overall it dropped down to an average school. Not enough money goes towards the arts, and a lot of focus exists on sports even though we are terrible at all sports. The focus of this school is to have a good reputation, even if it's not nearly as good on the inside. The principal focuses on inconsequential things instead of real problems plaguing this school, and is quite sexist. If I had to relive high school, I would probably attend somewhere else, if only to have more opportunities with rigorous classes. We offer very few AP and honors courses, and classes get cut if not more than 10 kids sign up to do them. This is ridiculous when the class sizes are around 30 students, and the school board doesn't focus on these issues.
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Overall, the quality of teachers at Williams Bay is quite average. Some certainly go above and beyond, and work incredibly hard to ascertain the quality of their students' education. Despite this, we still have plenty of teachers who fall far below what is expected of them. The English department is a prime example of this. Ms. Schultz is an active and engaging teacher who incorporates new ways to understand challenging material, and is very understanding about circumstances, while remaining tough when it counts. On the other hand, Mrs. Snyder is another lovely woman, but doesn't quite teach English well. Her seniors are doing photos of vocabulary words, which is a very juvenile activity. Mostly the administration is to blame for inconsistencies within departments, and unfair treatment of teachers. Substitute teachers hired in this district are awful, one even being known for verbally abusing students, and even physically laying a hand on one recently. This staff member continues to work at Williams Bay.
High academics an excellent teaching. Great college prep.
There isn't a lot of diversity here
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