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WIlliam Smith High school is a fun project base school that tries to stay away from the traditional way of thinking. Here at this school the relatiionship between the students is very positive. Teachers encorage students to express themselves through learning by looking into their point of view to figure out problems and finding solutions. There is plenty of diversity where everyone is treated with respect and involved with one another. My one complaint is that the food could always be improved.
Absolutely the best hands-on school in Aurora. The staff really cares about the students! They are great at motivating their students and teaching in ways that are interesting and engaging.
Great hands on learning school ! Amazing teachers and staff . I enjoy learning something new everyday at this school . I don’t just learn school things but along with life things that can help me out in the future. I’m a kinesthetic learner in which I learn best if I do things such as projects . They do really well in explaining. For example , I had this biology class and we didn’t just sit in the classroom and open up a text book . We made models of DNA , RNA etc . This helped me so much on understanding the different bodies of the cell.
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William Smith is a pilot school whose primary focus is El(expeditionary learning). All of the classes are structures as projects, which students select every semester based on needs, but many of the courses underperform. I do appreciate the different style, but the school needs to work on obtaining Ap classes and a better science program.
William Smith was a relatively good school that offers an alternative learning environment. They don't have a lot of extra programs for fun but focus on learning and getting your HS diploma.

The teachers there really seem to want to see the students be successful. If I needed help with anything there was always someone around who was willing and able to see what they could do.

While attending William Smith I was also able to get certifications in automotive through pickens tech school next door. William smith paid my way in the school allowing me a good start to a carrier before finishing high school.
William Smith isn’t like any other high school. Everything we do is different. Our class schedules are different and the way we learn is different. We are a smaller school where classes are project based, for example I took a Chemistry with cooking class. While we do the actual chemistry labs we were also able to do some cooking and baking and try to apply it to our chemistry knowledge. There’s also other classes that go on trips such as the class that’s going to Italy to learn about its background. William Smith gives lots of great opportunities to help it’s students and I wouldn’t want to go to any other high school.
William Smith is a small community that is very inviting. The teachers are amazing and make you feel comfortable. However the only bad thing about the school is the project based classes. although they are fun, yu miss out on most of the academic part. Apart from that the school is amazing.
I liked that we had projects that helped us with everyday things. For me, I am writing a book and getting it published and they helped a lot. When I needed feedback I wasn't afraid to ask for some. We had so many student teachers and that added more stay to the learning that we had at the school. We are close to everyone who walks in through the doors and is ready to learn. I loved the chance I had when I got the privilege to learn at William Smith High School.
The intensity of academics to increase the classes are gradually getting better but they need to match other schools and have AP classes.
I love the approach to academics at William Smith High School. The hands-on project-based learning helps all students be immersed in the curriculum. The teachers are dedicated to helping every student succeed. It is a very supportive and driven community.
It’s a very hands on school and teachers focus on their students than at a regular high school. Classes are all project based and provide you with experience.
William Smith was the best choice that I made to attend for my academic career. They focus more on our education due to the size compared to other high schools. We can all personally connect to each other and with the teachers for a better learning experience overall.
I loved my high school. I probably would not have made it through without the amazing staff and hands-on learning experience. I learned so much through the expeditionary learning style they provided. I went from being involved in truancy court to not missing any school and graduating second in my class.
I love this school! It’s the best school personally that I have been to. The way they turn is facinating and they know what they’re doing. The school is smaller than the regular school and the community bonds with each other more than a regular high school.
William smith was a great experience. The school worked with each student to help them discover their potential. I wouldn't change anything about it.
Have you ever wanted to go on limitless adventures, but never really had the support or motivation to pursue it? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to attend school one day, and then travel to New Mexico and become submerged in the rich art culture that dwells there? Ever wanted to go zip lining or hiking up a water fall? At William Smith High School, students are allowed the much needed resources, support and guidance to fulfill their many adventurous needs. This school specializes in combining regular curriculum with next level learning in ways most other schools never imagined possible. Students are given the chance to shape their academics their way and pick and choose different excursions (water rafting, hiking, skiing, traveling across the states) all while learning the fundamentals of life at the same time. This school is wonderful for students that are willing to think outside of the box and become adventurous. I guarantee it.
This is a very progressive school that prepares students to succeed in whatever they wish to pursue for the future. Their approach is to build on an individual student's strengths, offer compelling curriculum and build the academic and interpersonal skills that will be needed in any career.
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I love william smith, it is an excellent school with a community like non other. A small pilot school with a heart bigger than any other. A school like this could do so much with a more funding, that's it's only downfall.
This is the best school I have ever been to. They are a close together comunity of teachers and students that I would never wish to see changed. We work with hands on materials and classes such as rafting for our science and math credits.
William smith is a school where you could be yourself and everyone trust each other. There hasn't been a fight at all since I started my freshman year. Students help push each other to be a better them we have an amazing sports team and classes. Our teachers are awesome they take time out of their day to help we understand each other they don't act like were students they treat us like adults. We like a family at William smith. They teach us a lot to help us be ready for real life. Were a very hands on school and they teach in various ways to help everyone since we all learn differently. This school is perfect I highly recommend parents to have their kids apply.
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